Friday, December 31, 2004

WTF is up with that?

Ok, my wife first alerted me to this story a couple days ago. Now I am starting to see more MSM coverage of it. It seems that some one is painting commercial airliners with a "laser" beam while on approach to land. My first inclination is to think this is some a$$hat kid who has gotten hold of a laser pointer. Its not annoying enough that they flash you while driving, or at the movie theater, but now they are trying to screw with airplanes. On the surface this can seem like a harmless little prank. However, being thoughtless imbecile, these pranksters don't think of the consequences of their actions. What happens when Captain John Smith tries to land a plane when a laser light pierces the cockpit, burns his retina and blinds him? At the minimum this is an illegal prank, at the worse this could be potentially disastrous.

However, the FBI has now let it slip that our good friends, those peace- loving Muslims in Al Quieda have looked into using lasers to attack commercial airliners. So harmless prank begins to turn into terrorist attack. This started me thinking. First, how steady would one's hand have to be to keep a laser pointer on a plan moving at well over 70 miles and hour (I am not a pilot, but I assume they are going faster than that on landing) and keep it on target. I use a laser pointer in class from time to time and holding it steady on a target only 20 feet away, the dot tends to "wobble" a bit. So, is it reasonable that some kid could keep it on the plane while it is on approach? Second, how much power does a laser pointer have? I have never tried to measure the distance with mine, so I am not sure about this. Of course there is the issue of industrial lasers. I have no experience in that area, but if this is a terrorist plot, that could be a possibility.

This whole thing sounds a little hinky for me.

Thursday, December 30, 2004

And thus begins the scams.

Only a few days after the horrible tragedy of hundreds of thousands (perhaps over a million when all is said and done) people dead from the earthquake and subsequent tsunami, several a$$hats have chosen to exploit people's charity and scam them out of money.

These people are the dregs of humanity. If they could be tracked down and caught, they should be hauled to the public square and flogged within an inch of their lives. These people make me sick and I would be more than pleased to see something unpleasant happen to them. Well enough of my moralizing. Geoffrey MG's Beyond Wallacia has an article tracking some of the illegitimate charities claiming to send support to the tsunami victims. He also has another link to legitimate charities who are helping the victims. Check em out.

Send in the Marines.

Yeah! The Marines are invading my hometown. The article from The Blade (one of America's great newspapers) outlines how the Marines will be using downtown Toledo for tactical excercizes from 7 Jan till 9 Jan. Guess where I'm gonna be!

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Whitey 1, Sontag 0

Author Susan Sontag dies

Go here for the scoop.

Can I pay more taxes to support a corrupt and impotent World Organization, please?

Some (explicative deleted) UN a$$clown with sh!t for brains is causing quite a storm in the Blogoverse today. Jan Egeland, Undersecretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs, apparently isn't satisfied with the U.S. contribution to the UN's efforts to help the Tsunami victims. Carping about not getting enough money is one thing, but this jacka$$ actually goes so far as to suggest that the U.S. should raise taxes and give the money over to the UN. If it isn't bad enough for this Norwegian-wood-for-brains to suggest that we should pay more taxes, he actually goes so far as to say WE WANT to pay more taxes to support the UN!

"There are several donors who are less generous than before in a growing world economy," he said, adding that politicians in the United States and Europe "believe that they are really burdening the taxpayers too much, and the taxpayers want to give less. It's not true. They want to give more."

Well Jan (and by the way, that's a GIRL'S name), I have news for you. The American people aren't all that keen on paying more taxes to our own government, let alone shelling it out to the UN. I have an idea for you, Jan. Why don't you ask the French, German and Russian governments along with every company and UN official including Cujo Ananan to fork over the billions in graft they received in the so called "Oil for Food" program to the humanitarian effort? Hell will freeze over before I shell out more of my hard-earned money to the UN. Jan, go get a nice hot cup of STFU and stop speaking for me!

**Update 29 Dec 2004 by Cracka Jack**
Where are my manners. I completely forgot to give a nod to Ace, at the Ace of Spades HQ (sweet blog name btw) for the scoop on this.

**Update 29 Dec 2004 by Cracka Jack**
Kerry Haters has Jans phone and fax number up. Give the ol' boy a ring and let him know what Americans really think about taxes.

Resolution Schmesolution.

I was going to save this till a little closer to New Years, but since I found this news article, I thought I would kick the rant in now. I get sick and tired of everyone talking about making New Years resolutions this time of year. You can't turn on one of the morning news programs without the host going on and on about how to succeed in your resolution to quit smoking, loose weight or to quit killing kittens. I comes around every year like the "underage college students drinking" stories that appear in the fall.

Now mind you, I think that self-improvement is a very noble cause. I encourage everyone to try to become a better person. However, the New Year just provides the opportunity for posers to make like they want to improve while only half-hearted effort to it. If you are really serious about changing your life, then DO IT! Don't use some concocted new story to make it look like your serious about changing yourself.

So, in keeping with my long standing tradition. I hereby resolve to make no New Year's resolutions. Thereby breaking and keeping my resolution at the same time.

Monday, December 27, 2004

Does Dan Rather Still Have a Job?

I was watching the Communist Broadcast System's (better known as See-BS) Nightly Bias programming the other night. I can't believe that Dan Rather-biased, is still on the air. Can you imagine any other person in any other job who could fu*k up that bad and still be working? I mean just think about it for a minute.

To begin with the See-BS news (er, well, we'll just call it that for now...) has been in the basement in terms of ratings for several years now. That is behind Tom "Greatest Generation" Brokaw and that other guy from ABC. How would you like to play second fiddle to "that other guy from ABC?" But, expecting to somehow turn their ratings round with a bad haircut, Dan stays in his spot.

Then, to add insult to injury, Dan does to air with his vaunted five year investigation (is only he had put that much effort into the Kathleen Whilely investigation) into President Bush's record using documents so poorly forged, they wouldn't have passed a second-grade teacher. Yet with questionable documents as proof, Dan makes some serious claims about a sitting President, weeks before a presidential election. Yet it gets better. He continues to vouch for the story after the documents he used to support are found to be fake.

Now imagine if you had done something even remotely similar where you work. You had taken faulty work from a dubious source and had not properly checked it, before using it. How long would you have kept your job? Yes I know Dan is "retiring," but in most any other profession, actions like this would have gotten you tossed on your can long before this. On top of that, you would be hard pressed to find work in that field for a while as the story got around. Yet Dan will most likely become the feather in some academic institution's cap as a special guest lecturer or some other self-agrandizing moniker.

Saturday, December 18, 2004

Going on Vacation.

For anyone who is actually keeping up with this site... I will be out of town for next several days. Going to visit the in-laws... So, I won't be making regular posts till after Chirstmas.

Merry Christmas!

Have a Ramahanakwanzmas!

Well, I can't honestly take credit for that. I got that from the Glenn Beck show. But it brings up a good point. When did we, as a country, become so wussified that we can't even mention the word "holiday" for fear of offending someone? I mean come on! Now schools are moving to having "winter break" partys rather than "holiday" partys. I was going to post a few links to news stories of schools who felt it was necessary to eliminate some kind of holiday activity for fear of legal retribution from thin-skinned liberals. However, there are so many of these creeping into the news these days, I am forced to concede defeat myself. One school has even gone so far as to tell parents they can't send red or green napkins or plates to school for the winter break party! How absolutely gutless and ridiculous! Let me quote from a little document I like to call the Constitution of the United States.
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.
I don't see anything in there about "holiday partys," letting children celebrate Christmas, Hanukah, or Ramadan, or about what freaking color of napkins the school can use for a party. Surveys show that close the 80% of the population claim to belive in the existance of God. Fewer than 20% avow to not believe in God, and of those who don't believe only a fraction are offended by holiday displays. In fact some atheists even celebrate a secular Christmas. So when did it become necessary for the vast majority of Americans to been over and grab our ankles for these freaks?

Friday, December 17, 2004

Denethor Voices "No Confidence" in Aragorn Leadership

Not to be out done by my compatriot...

Minas Tirith, Gondor - In a press conference today Denethor, currently the Regent of the Nation of Gondor, expressed his misgivings about the leadership of the relatively unknown Aragorn. "In his rush to war with Isengard and Mordor, I don't think he really thought the whole thing through" Denathor told reporters. As leader of the opposition party, Denethor has been critical of the war effort to date. "Troop levels are just too low. We need more boots on the ground if we really want to win this war." Others have expressed similar concerns, including the battle for the hearts and minds of the Uruk Hai, and Mordor Orcs.

These criticisms come on the heals of a question and answer session Aragorn held with the Rohan contingent last week. One embattled soldier asked why they had to dig through midden heaps to get scraps of armor for their horses. The lack of armored horses has been another common complaint. Critics complain that in the Aragorn administrations rush to war, not enough armored horses were provided to the troops. "Many soldiers have been killed and injured when their horse was hit by a spear, arrow or javelin" claims an unnamed Defense Department source.

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Mouth of Sauron nominated for Secretary of Homeland Security


BARAD-DUR, Mordor - Following Bernard Kerik's withdrawal from nomination for Secretary of Homeland Security due to concerns over the immigration status of his housekeeper-nanny, the Mouth of Sauron has officially been nominated in place of Kerik.

Clad in his characteristic garb of rusting armor and rotting leather, with only his outsized, scarred, hideous mouth visible beneath his immense spiked helmet, the Mouth of Sauron today addressed a clearly terrified news media.

"It is a position of great responsibility," he said, with the weird, toothy, characteristic grin which some experts feel is roughly akin to the aggression display of certain primates. "And great power, as well," he added.

"Yes, thou in the back row, from the Associated Press. Doest thou have a question for the Mouth? Speak swiftly, or thy life is forfeit," the Mouth said. The reporter stammered something unintelligible and then averted his eyes, trembling with terror.

"A good question," the Mouth replied. "Yes, there will be many sweeping reforms when I become your master. They will be as follows: madness, abasement, blood-lust, screams, death...uh, let me see my notes here...ah, yes, as well as the fair and equitable distribution of man-flesh to all deserving servants of evil."

This, while met with loud and sustained applause from the various goblins, orcs, half-orcs, and fighting uruk-hai attending the conference, was received with clear anxiety by members of the media and other edible humans present.

The Mouth of Sauron noted that henceforth and verily unto the ending of the world he will be addressed as the Mouth of W, and that upon the rim of his sable helm it shall read, "I am the Mouth of W, hear him misspeak."

"All states of Red shall be W's forever, solely," the Mouth said, grinning. "All states of Blue shall be tributary to W, and men there shall bear no weapons as they have always done, but shall have leave to govern their own affairs, plus the occasional luxury of a snippy New York Times column or triple-latte mocha with cinnamon shavings, as permitted."

Collecting tribute from the states of Blue could prove problematic, however; many of their inhabitants have already fled to the mystical lands of Canada, France, and Hollywood.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Do You Fear Me Now?

Sorry if this post proves a little frustrating to those who like to follow links, because I don't have any. I'm doing my best to recall a magazine article I read today while waiting for a prescription at the pharmacy.

The mag's name "Sync"- something, and from what I could make of it - dammit, I'll restart the computer later, buzz off, Windows Update - it was what one might expect if "Maxim" ran headlong into "PC World." Not the usual reading fare at the pharmacy, which is mostly glossy pamphlets advertising drugs with side effects like pandemic osteoporotic evacuation.

Anyway, I read the one-page interview, in which a guy (who will now be referred to as ' the nut' from here on out) has a few problems with cellphone. Verizon's support proves less than stellar. Actually, it's fairly annoying. I've been there - not because of cellphone problems, I frankly hate the damned things. And the nut's frustration is understandable. What isn't is what he did next.

The nut went nuts. Threw his cellphone at a Verizon employee, and proceeded to trash the store. In the interview, the nut says, "it wasn't planned," which is why he took off his shirt and put on safety glasses prior to demolishing the place, of course.

To the nut's apparent indignation, consequences followed. He was kicked out of college, among other things (Berserker U. might have an opening), is looking at some time behind bars (jail or zoo, I say it's a coin toss and how the male silverback in either institution feels about it), and must pay for damages.

Lesson learned? Apparently not. The nut off-handedly mentions being screened for "anger management issues", and then goes on about his 18-inch neck, ability to bench-press 280 lbs, yeah, OK, fine, we get it, Hulk smash Verizon. I guess these gym-rat stats will come in handy should the Aryan Brotherhood go tooling for bunk-muffins in Cell Block B. Or if there's all-out war over banana portions at the monkeyhouse.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

McCain won't shut his trap.

It appears that Senator John McCain just can't seem to keep his cake hole shut. McCain said yesterday that he doesn't have any confidence in Defense Secretary Rumsfeld. Ok, he has every right to his opinion. But where does he get off complaining about the Secretary of Defense to the media? If he has true concerns about how Rummy is handling his job, then he should be talking to the President rather than the AP. This is yet another example of apparent disregard for the President or the Republican party. It seems to me that McCain is willing to sell his party and President out just to make more headlines. There is a time and place for this kind of discussion, and doing it openly in the media isn't it.

Scott Peterson condemned to Death!

Oh, the horror! Oh, the humanity! The evil government has consigned yet another human to be murdered! How can we as a society condone state sponsored murder? Will someone please think of the children?!?

Oh wait.

Peterson killed his child. Screw him, let him burn! I have no compassion for a man who could murder his wife and his unborn child. To top that off, he was boinking another woman, who had a child of her own, and telling her he "lost" his wife. Well, he didn't lose her, he just forgot where he dumped the body. This creep deserves worse than a clean easy death. As it is, in California dying on death row occurs more often from old age than execution. If he had been given life in prison, he would have been put in an a$$-pounding prison and most likely would have been shanked in a few months. Not a very nice way to go, but perhaps more fitting for his crime.

Now some will complain that it is not humane to execute prisoners when you can't be 100% certain of their guilt. They hold up several cases where people on death row have been exonerated after DNA testing. What those people neglect to mention is that of the cases that have been challenged and where DNA testing has been ordered, only a fraction of convictions are reversed. The also neglect to mention the automatic and mandatory appeals which are filed on behalf of the convicted.

In this particular case, I think the evidence is pretty convincing, even if it is "circumstantial." The death sentence is quite appropriate for Scott Peterson, even if it is too good for him.

Monday, December 13, 2004

Wako Jacko's hole gets a little deeper.

This little story is making the rounds today, about how investigators have found porno magazines with Jackson's fingerprints on it. However, that is not the unusual part. In addition to Jackson's finger prints, they found the fingerprints of his alleged victim.

Ok, I have been trying to keep an open mind about this issue. Yes, Jackson makes me feel creepier than trying to skewer a worm on a fishing hook. (yecch! I hated that part of fishing.) But this is pretty bad. Part of the claim of his accuser is that Jackson would take the kids to his bed room, give them "Jesus Juice" in a pop can, and then look at porno. That is all before the real festivities began. Well, that kinda sounds odd, hard to believe. Not impossible mind you, especially when you think of Jackson, but it sounds a streach (at least the Jesus Juice stuff). However, now we have corroborating evidence, Jackson's and the victim's fingerprints on a porno mag.

Now the other issue with this revelation is, who leaked this information? As I understand it, the Grand Jury testimony is supposed to be sealed. Addiontaly, the District attorney and the defense should be keeping a lid on the evidence. So, who's leaking this to the public? I am concerned because this could potentially taint the jury pool and screw up the trial. If Jackson is guilty, he should pay for it. But if he gets off on a technicality, or because someone leaked testimony/evidence that is truly a miscarriage of Justice.

Saturday, December 11, 2004

Slow day today.

Been a cruddy day for doing any surfing. Had an exam to write and my network connection (dial-up feh!) is a nightmare. So I just thought I would do a little public service announcement.

Pick up a soldier as a pen pal at My Solder. I caught this one on Fox and Friends the other morning. It was started by a student at Manhattenville College and has been supported by the college as well. I am considering adopting one for my Cub Scout Den as well.

And then there's the America Supports You web site. This one's run by the military, yet another good cause for our troops.

Then, for those of you with money to spend, Michelle Malken has a link to a group called Soldier's Angels. This is an organization raising money to get more arour for our troops. Anything that can help bring our men and women home safe is a good idea.

Friday, December 10, 2004

Stop the insanity! UK laws favor the criminal.

One of my must hit sites, Fark, has a link to this little gem out of the United Kingdom. Dr. Ira Stephen has written a piece giving residents of the UK a little advice on what to do during a home invasion. Now for those of us living in the States, the answer to a home invasion might be a little more simplistic, beat the crap out of the criminal, or if you have the means, shoot 'em. However in Europe, where nuance and sophistication are the rule, the answer is must less simple.
From a police perspective, the advice to potential victims of burglaries is unequivocal and clear-cut and you should never "have a go", so to speak...
Ok, so far so good. Trying to fight off the assailant might not be the best idea if you are not trained in such activities. But his advice gets better.
If you attack the burglar, or react in an "over the top" manner, as was recently illustrated in the case of Tony Martin who shot intruders in his Norfolk farmhouse, you will inevitably end up on the receiving end of a prison sentence that will far outstrip that imposed on the intruder in your own home.
That's right! How dare you defend yourself in your own home! How dare you presume to consider your life and property to be of more value than the burglar's well being! But it gets even better.
Direct contact should be avoided whenever possible. If unavoidable, the victim should adopt a state of active passivity. In most cases the best form of defense is always avoidance. If this isn’t possible, act passively, be careful what you say or do and give up valuables without a struggle. This allows the victim to take charge of the situation, without the intruder’s awareness, through subtle and non-confrontational means. People can cooperate but initiate nothing. By doing nothing there is no chance of inadvertently initiating violence by saying something such as "Please don’t hurt me".
Ok, so now you can't even plead for your own life and safety! What would you suggest we do. Put the tea on, open the door, pack our belongings into-easy-to-carry bags and shoot ourselves in the head. Just so the burglar doesn't get injured in robbing my house!?!?
In a situation involving housebreaking it is also important to remember that many common burglars are adolescents, most likely starting out on the first rung of the criminal ladder, and they are therefore prone to lashing out if confronted and in the worst case scenarios killing out of panic and fear.
Ok, so this is criminal grammar school, eh? So rather than teaching the little "bloke" a lesson that crime doesn't pay, we should expedite their rise to more serious criminal endevors? I could dissect this article line by line, but you can read it for yourself and be outraged.

This is just asinine. Instead of coddling criminals we need to be punishing them. This is why the crime rate in the UK is on the rise. Despite what our friends in the gun control lobby say, England is not the peaceful, gun free paradise they portray. The gun control lobby try to hold England and Australia up as model societies where strict gun laws encourage a crime-free peaceful existence. However, the sad fact is that since the strict gun laws were passed in England and Australia, crime has increased. Compare that to the U.S. where as more and more states pass conceal carry laws, the crime rate continues to drop.

With this kind of mentality, I can almost understand Europe's position on Iraq too. In a world where the criminal has rights, and the victim has none, supporting a genocidal maniac who has already invaded three of his neighbors, shot missiles at a fourth, and had the capacity to make weapons of mass distraction might make sense.

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Haloscan commenting and trackback have been added to this blog.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Get the heck out of my state!

Ah, if you can't beat 'em, whine like a baby and make outrageous and unsupported claims that they cheated. It seems that our old liberal friends are at it again. The Green Party and the libertarian Party have decided that being marginalized and receiving a fraction of a percent of the vote in Ohio gives them the right to challenge the certified results. One the one hand I can understand the Green Party challenging the results. Many members of the Green party would probably be Democrats if the Democrats weren't so darn conservative. But the libertarians? The "Party of Principle" wants to engage in rabble-rousing. I mean if the libertarian Party had gotten say 49.3% of the vote in Ohio instead of .5%, I could see their desire to call for a recount. However, they couldn't even muster a whole percentage point, yet they are backing (and paying for half of) the recount. If I were a libertarian, (and mind you, I toyed with the idea for a while) I would be mad as hell. Why are they joining the liberals in trashing the electoral system? What's in it for them?

Now personally, I am not worried about a recount. Short of some kind of gross miscarriage of election law, I can't see anyone overturning all of the nearly 119,000 votes that George Bush won by. But the alarming trend set by the Gore Campagn in 2000 doesn't seem to be going away. Rather than dwelling on, and trying to rewrite the past, perhapse they should be working on increasing support among the people for their ideas.

What the heck is this?!?

Hi there!

Long time ago, in a Galaxy far far away...

Well not that far really, but a while back at least. Anyway, back in high school my good friend and I would would sit for hours and discus issues of, as one of my psych profs used to say, pith and moment (whatever pith is). We would sit amongst our friends and regale them with our opinions on politics, culture, religion and other important topics.

This activity continued into our college years as well. Our circle of friends would change, but we would still chew over these issues, again and again. Then it happened. Mike moved away. (cue sad music) Now we are forced to take our discussions to e-mail and long distance phone calls. Not quite as satisfying without the audience.

Out of that comes this blog. Here we shall share out thoughts on various issues, argue politics and have some good clean fun. So stick around, read and comment. But be warned, some of this stuff will make you mad, make you think, or even make you laugh.