Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Do You Fear Me Now?

Sorry if this post proves a little frustrating to those who like to follow links, because I don't have any. I'm doing my best to recall a magazine article I read today while waiting for a prescription at the pharmacy.

The mag's name "Sync"- something, and from what I could make of it - dammit, I'll restart the computer later, buzz off, Windows Update - it was what one might expect if "Maxim" ran headlong into "PC World." Not the usual reading fare at the pharmacy, which is mostly glossy pamphlets advertising drugs with side effects like pandemic osteoporotic evacuation.

Anyway, I read the one-page interview, in which a guy (who will now be referred to as ' the nut' from here on out) has a few problems with cellphone. Verizon's support proves less than stellar. Actually, it's fairly annoying. I've been there - not because of cellphone problems, I frankly hate the damned things. And the nut's frustration is understandable. What isn't is what he did next.

The nut went nuts. Threw his cellphone at a Verizon employee, and proceeded to trash the store. In the interview, the nut says, "it wasn't planned," which is why he took off his shirt and put on safety glasses prior to demolishing the place, of course.

To the nut's apparent indignation, consequences followed. He was kicked out of college, among other things (Berserker U. might have an opening), is looking at some time behind bars (jail or zoo, I say it's a coin toss and how the male silverback in either institution feels about it), and must pay for damages.

Lesson learned? Apparently not. The nut off-handedly mentions being screened for "anger management issues", and then goes on about his 18-inch neck, ability to bench-press 280 lbs, yeah, OK, fine, we get it, Hulk smash Verizon. I guess these gym-rat stats will come in handy should the Aryan Brotherhood go tooling for bunk-muffins in Cell Block B. Or if there's all-out war over banana portions at the monkeyhouse.