Monday, December 27, 2004

Does Dan Rather Still Have a Job?

I was watching the Communist Broadcast System's (better known as See-BS) Nightly Bias programming the other night. I can't believe that Dan Rather-biased, is still on the air. Can you imagine any other person in any other job who could fu*k up that bad and still be working? I mean just think about it for a minute.

To begin with the See-BS news (er, well, we'll just call it that for now...) has been in the basement in terms of ratings for several years now. That is behind Tom "Greatest Generation" Brokaw and that other guy from ABC. How would you like to play second fiddle to "that other guy from ABC?" But, expecting to somehow turn their ratings round with a bad haircut, Dan stays in his spot.

Then, to add insult to injury, Dan does to air with his vaunted five year investigation (is only he had put that much effort into the Kathleen Whilely investigation) into President Bush's record using documents so poorly forged, they wouldn't have passed a second-grade teacher. Yet with questionable documents as proof, Dan makes some serious claims about a sitting President, weeks before a presidential election. Yet it gets better. He continues to vouch for the story after the documents he used to support are found to be fake.

Now imagine if you had done something even remotely similar where you work. You had taken faulty work from a dubious source and had not properly checked it, before using it. How long would you have kept your job? Yes I know Dan is "retiring," but in most any other profession, actions like this would have gotten you tossed on your can long before this. On top of that, you would be hard pressed to find work in that field for a while as the story got around. Yet Dan will most likely become the feather in some academic institution's cap as a special guest lecturer or some other self-agrandizing moniker.