Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Get the heck out of my state!

Ah, if you can't beat 'em, whine like a baby and make outrageous and unsupported claims that they cheated. It seems that our old liberal friends are at it again. The Green Party and the libertarian Party have decided that being marginalized and receiving a fraction of a percent of the vote in Ohio gives them the right to challenge the certified results. One the one hand I can understand the Green Party challenging the results. Many members of the Green party would probably be Democrats if the Democrats weren't so darn conservative. But the libertarians? The "Party of Principle" wants to engage in rabble-rousing. I mean if the libertarian Party had gotten say 49.3% of the vote in Ohio instead of .5%, I could see their desire to call for a recount. However, they couldn't even muster a whole percentage point, yet they are backing (and paying for half of) the recount. If I were a libertarian, (and mind you, I toyed with the idea for a while) I would be mad as hell. Why are they joining the liberals in trashing the electoral system? What's in it for them?

Now personally, I am not worried about a recount. Short of some kind of gross miscarriage of election law, I can't see anyone overturning all of the nearly 119,000 votes that George Bush won by. But the alarming trend set by the Gore Campagn in 2000 doesn't seem to be going away. Rather than dwelling on, and trying to rewrite the past, perhapse they should be working on increasing support among the people for their ideas.