Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Resolution Schmesolution.

I was going to save this till a little closer to New Years, but since I found this news article, I thought I would kick the rant in now. I get sick and tired of everyone talking about making New Years resolutions this time of year. You can't turn on one of the morning news programs without the host going on and on about how to succeed in your resolution to quit smoking, loose weight or to quit killing kittens. I comes around every year like the "underage college students drinking" stories that appear in the fall.

Now mind you, I think that self-improvement is a very noble cause. I encourage everyone to try to become a better person. However, the New Year just provides the opportunity for posers to make like they want to improve while only half-hearted effort to it. If you are really serious about changing your life, then DO IT! Don't use some concocted new story to make it look like your serious about changing yourself.

So, in keeping with my long standing tradition. I hereby resolve to make no New Year's resolutions. Thereby breaking and keeping my resolution at the same time.