Saturday, December 11, 2004

Slow day today.

Been a cruddy day for doing any surfing. Had an exam to write and my network connection (dial-up feh!) is a nightmare. So I just thought I would do a little public service announcement.

Pick up a soldier as a pen pal at My Solder. I caught this one on Fox and Friends the other morning. It was started by a student at Manhattenville College and has been supported by the college as well. I am considering adopting one for my Cub Scout Den as well.

And then there's the America Supports You web site. This one's run by the military, yet another good cause for our troops.

Then, for those of you with money to spend, Michelle Malken has a link to a group called Soldier's Angels. This is an organization raising money to get more arour for our troops. Anything that can help bring our men and women home safe is a good idea.