Monday, December 13, 2004

Wako Jacko's hole gets a little deeper.

This little story is making the rounds today, about how investigators have found porno magazines with Jackson's fingerprints on it. However, that is not the unusual part. In addition to Jackson's finger prints, they found the fingerprints of his alleged victim.

Ok, I have been trying to keep an open mind about this issue. Yes, Jackson makes me feel creepier than trying to skewer a worm on a fishing hook. (yecch! I hated that part of fishing.) But this is pretty bad. Part of the claim of his accuser is that Jackson would take the kids to his bed room, give them "Jesus Juice" in a pop can, and then look at porno. That is all before the real festivities began. Well, that kinda sounds odd, hard to believe. Not impossible mind you, especially when you think of Jackson, but it sounds a streach (at least the Jesus Juice stuff). However, now we have corroborating evidence, Jackson's and the victim's fingerprints on a porno mag.

Now the other issue with this revelation is, who leaked this information? As I understand it, the Grand Jury testimony is supposed to be sealed. Addiontaly, the District attorney and the defense should be keeping a lid on the evidence. So, who's leaking this to the public? I am concerned because this could potentially taint the jury pool and screw up the trial. If Jackson is guilty, he should pay for it. But if he gets off on a technicality, or because someone leaked testimony/evidence that is truly a miscarriage of Justice.