Tuesday, January 18, 2005

And They Accuse the Republicans of Stealing the Election?

Well, well, well. If it dosen't sound like the pot is calling the kettel black.

Amid grumblings of problems in Ohio, reports are begining to flow out of Wisconsin that there may have been some electoral shinanigans there. Rather than college students having to wait till 4 A.M. to vote, it appears that several thousand illegal votes may have been cast in the election, primarilly in Demecratic strongholds. Quoting Ron LaCanne from Michele Malkin's site

Rep. Stone today received a call from the Election Commission. They actually had 73,000 same day votes cast. 10,000 voter registration cards could not be sent because they have no addresses or incomplete or inadequate information. Using the same one third return rate that means in Milwaukee alone more than 25,000 illegal votes were cast. You can expect that the cities of Racine, Kenosha and Madison to have similar results.

Aparently, some person (or persons) of astounding intelect decided that it would be a good idea if people could register on the same day that they voted. The votes are included with the rest of the valid votes, unlike Ohio where people who cannot prove proper registration must fill out a provisional ballot which is then counted once their registration has been confirmed. Now the whole mess is comming to bite the Wisconsinites in the ass.

Quoteing Mr. LaCanne again

By the way George Bush lost Wisconsin by 12,000 votes and Milwaukee votes 80% or more Democrat. Please use your contacts in that wonderful blogger world to helps us. We won't get any help from that lousy socialist rag the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

So, who will have the courage to stand up and ask the tough questions? Will it be the Demecrat Governer of Wisconsin? Will it be Senator Barbra Boxer? Will it be Senator Ted Kennedy? Will it be Senator John Kerry? Who is going to break this story on a national scale? Will it be Dan Rather(biased) and CBS news? Somhow, I doubt any of them will bing this subject up. We the people need to stand up to this kind of nonsense, and the nonsense in Washington state. We need to hold our elected officials responsable for these kinds of miscarriages of the demecratic process. Who will be first?