Wednesday, January 26, 2005

...and your little dog Toto too...

Well, the adolescent democrats in the senate are at it again. Despite Senator Minority Whip Diane Finestine supporting a quick and clean vote to confirm Condoleeza Rice as Secretary of State, a handful of cry-babies have decided to make a spectacle of themselves. To me this is reminiscent of the kid who cries when he isn't allowed to be the captain of the backyard football team.

If I can't be the captain, I'm gonna leave and take my foot ball too. Harrumph.

So yesterday, using some very old procedural rules, Senators Kennedy, Byrd, Kerry and surprise, surprise Boxer held the Senate hostage by blathering on and on with the same unfounded accusations they raised at the confirmation hearings. Are these guys striving to marginalize themselves even more? Are they just trying to cater to the liberal left? I really don't understand why they continue trying to make noise without substance.

Why not try to sit down with President Bush and work on a solution to Social Security? Senator Kennedy (hic) showed early in Bush's first administration that he could work with him. Rather than alienating more of the country, they should be working to get their ideas incorporated into the policies and laws that will be passed. As they continue to make trouble, all they accomplish is pushing more of their ideas out of the public mind.