Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Christ 1, Lying Fat Slob 0

I really don't care about the generic award shows that are out today. However, the Academy Award nominations are out today and two things struck me (and no, I haven't look at any of the other nominations). Anyway, the Vast Rightwing Conspiracy (TM) did their job well. Michael Moor failed to get any nominations this year. Many people were expecting him to be nominated for best documentary despite the glaring lack of truth in his movie. I am sure His immenseness will blame his lack of a nomination on the aforementioned VRC, and I am sure it has nothing to do with the fact his message of lies only resonates with a minority of people.

Ooops! That's what I get for reading the news and trying to listen to the radio at the same time. Mel Gibson's Passion of the Christ didn't get nominated for best foreign language film, but for some technical stuff. You know, the Oscar's (TM) that no one cares about. At least I didn't go to air with MS Word documents supposedly generated in 1972.