Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Has Barbara Boxer Lost It?

That is assuming he ever had "it" in the first place. However, her performances in the past few weeks are beginning to make her look like she either has a serious psychological disturbance, or she is a tunnel-visioned, biased, partisan jerk.

First, she begins by opposing the certification of president's Bush's re-election as President. This had to take some gall. The Democrats have been whinning for four years that Gore won the "popular" vote. Now George Bush wins the popular vote by 4 million votes, and took the electoral college, but she has to challenge his election based on the fact that some college students had to wait till 4 A.M. to vote. Hey, if you are really invested in the electoral process, and want to make your voice heard, you will wait 4 days to vote. Just ask the Palestinians, Afghanis, and the Iraqis. All the while, she is ignoring the gross number of illegal votes and other "irregularities" in Washington and Wisconsin! A little myopic no?

As if that wasn't bad enough, this week she made a spectacle of herself at the Senate foreign Relations committee's hearings to confirm Condiliza Rice's appointment to secretary of State. Senator Boxer laid into Dr. Rice like a rabid dog. Making unfounded accusations and insinuations that Dr. Rice was ignorant of the facts, and impugning Dr. Rice's character.

"I feel, and I know not everyone agrees with me," Boxer said, "that this war and all of these horrific deaths and the wounded and all of that, is a direct result of not leveling with the American people."

For the love of Pete, how many times do we have to go over this? If anyone lied, it was the intelligence analysts who wrote the reports on which the decision was based. The evidence was there that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. He had them before the war, he didn't destroy all of them while the U.N. inspectors watched, they didn't document the destruction of the weapons after President Clinton allowed Hussein to kick the inspectors out. If I see a person with a pistol, and I don't see the person put the pistol down, I have to assume that that person sill has the pistol. I can not assume that he has nicely put the pistol away while I wasn't looking. That would be dangerous (if he is attacking me) and foolhardy. To top it off, (as reported by Sean Hanity) Senator Boxer was fully behind President Clinton, when HE MADE THE SAME ACCUSATIONS OF SADDAM HUSSEIN! But now the Bush administration, and by association Dr. Rice, is lying about the existence of these weapons.

Speaking of President Clinton, do we really want to impugning anyone's character, do we really want to talk about the Democrat's Hero and his appalling behavior while in office (ie. Making foreign leaders wait while having sex with an intern).

Senator Boxer is an embarrassment to her constituents. If I were from California, I would would be ashamed of her performance. Hell, I am ashamed of her performance. It is one thing to support your party. It is quite another to spread such dissention just to undercut there other party.