Thursday, January 20, 2005

How do you calculate a GPA for a grade of "O"

That's the letter O as in "Oh" not the number zero.

Here's a little more legislative insanity, but this comes from Texas not he Left Coast. A Texas state legislator wants to pass a law that public schools start grading on wheather a kid is fat or not. Ok, so the People's Republic of California has banned dodge ball because it might hurt some delecate child's self-esteem, but in Texas it's ok to label the kid fat on his\her grade card? Are we also assuming that parents are too freaking stupid to know that their kid is fat? What the heck is up with that?

I have a kooky idea! Lets try this. Lets try to teach the kids to read before we worry about their weight? When our public schools can regularly and effectivelyteach kids the basics (reading, writing and math) and marketable skill sthen maybe we can worry about trying to make them Olympian gods physically. Right now too many children are being passed around the public shcool system like a"hot potato" and not learning the skills needed to survive let alone succeed in our society.