Friday, January 14, 2005

News Flash, Gun Control Doesn't Reduce Crime.

Here's an interesting article I came across today. It seems that the National Academy of Sciences have completed a massive meta analysis (compilation of other studies) of research on gun control laws. The commission was set up by the Clinton administration to provide support of the democrats anti Second Amendment agenda.

The study was not the work of gun-control opponents. The panel was set up during the Clinton administration, and of its members whose views on guns were publicly known before their appointments all but one had favored gun control.

However, despite trying to stack the deck in favor of their agenda, the libs couldn't even event support for their proposition that guns cause crime and violence. On the contrary, the study shows that gun laws have no effect on crime statistics. Let me say that again. The study shows that gun laws have NO effect on crime statistics.

Based on 253 journal articles, 99 books, 43 government publications, and some of its own empirical work, the panel couldn't identify a single gun control regulation that reduced violent crime, suicide or accidents.

This provides vindication for the NRA, other Second Amendment supporters and gun owners (present company included). These we have been saying for years that in order to reduce crime you have to address the criminals, and not create more laws that hamper the law-binding citizens. The study also adds credence to the anecdotal evidence that the locations with the toughest gun control laws seem to have the highest crime rates.

Ah, but that's not all! Not only are we vindicated regarding the uselessness of gun control, but the report supports, much to the panel's shagrin, the position that conceal-carry laws actually DO reduce crime.

Wilson said that panel's conclusion raises concerns given that "virtually every reanalysis done by the committee" confirmed right-to-carry laws reduced crime.

Although his [Nic Tideman]research consistently shows statistically significant results that shall issue laws reduce crime, the National Academy report ignores the research.

Despite 40+ years of liberal gun control legislation, their utopian dream of reduced crime is non existent. This give a great deal of support to gun control critics who have been making these same arguments for years.

So, in conclusion, gun control bad, conceal carry laws good, liberals wrong, conservatives right.