Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Ungrateful Bastards

Not to say I told you so, but I told you so.

A short while back, I commented on the fact that I thought that in about six months, the Muslims in tsunami ravaged Indonesia would be protesting the U.S. Well I was off. It has already started, and they are kvetching about the Ausies too. In this case, leaders in Indonesia fear that the "Diggers" (Aussie military) are there to support rebels.

Mr Shihab accused Canberra of using the excuse of humanitarian assistance to support a long-term strategy of undermining Indonesian sovereignty.

Never mind the fact that they are handing out food!

The Prime Minister said Australia was not interested in picking sides on Aceh, but was there "as a friend trying to give practical help".
"We're not there in a military role, it's just that our military are there in a humanitarian role," he said.

I am not sure why Australia would mess around with Indonesian politics. Are you telling me that Australia is another Great Satan who overthrows government for fun? Gee, I thought the U.S. had the corner on that market.

Now, the Indonesian Vice President has stated that foreign aid workers should get out of the country sooner than later.

Indonesia told foreign troops helping tsunami victims to get out of the country soon and defended tough new restrictions on aid workers, while rich nations prepared to freeze Jakarta's debt repayments.
Vice President Yusuf Kalla said foreign troops should leave tsunami-hit Aceh province on Sumatra island as soon as they finish their relief mission, staying no longer than three months.

While the international (ie. foreign) community prepare to excuse Indonesia's debt. So, lets see. People begin by complaining that rich countries (read the United States) are stingy and slow to respond when a poor country experiences a natural disaster. So, we collect our pennies, dimes and millions of dollars so we can haul ass half-way around the world to give bottled water and food to starving people. And the thanks we get is paranoia and a quick boot out the door?

Do the words "kiss my ass" mean anything to you?