Sunday, January 30, 2005


In more than one way, today has been a great victory for freedom, liberty and the United States. Today saw the first real elections in Iraq in 50 years. The people of Iraq turned out in record numbers (its the first time so it is a record) around the globe to elect representatives who will form the new Iraqi constitution and elect a new leadership for the country. This is inspite of the best efforts of malcontents from around the world who attempted to spoil Iraqi freedom with violence and terror.

In addition to the victory for the Iraqi people, the elections have provided vindication for the Bush administration's strategy for winning the war on terror. It is delicious watching the likes of Dan Rather having to report on the unmitigated success of the elections. There was no violence. There were no death squads hunting down Iraqis as the made their way to the polling locations. There were no car bombs. As matter of fact, the Iraqi people made their own statement of victory by raising their blue, dyed fingers in the air, like Saxon bowmen raising their first two fingers in defiance of their Norman conquerors.

I am sure in the days to come, Senators Kennedy, Boxer, Clinton and the rest of their rabble will find some small issue to pick upon. However, we know the truth.