Tuesday, January 11, 2005

What's The Forgery, Kenneth?

Following CBS's "Memogate" disaster (nice mug shot, Mary Mapes), I'm more than a little astounded at the sheer amount of damage inflicted upon the MSM by a handful of blogs. The Death Star hit! Dan Vader ousted! And while I personally think Mapes, Rather, and Co knew all along that these documents were forgeries and that a lot more heads should have rolled for this disgrace, including Dan's own, I'm still mostly pleased with the results.

But I think the Empire will be striking back soon enough (I'm not a Star Wars fan, but the analogies seem to work here.) They took a hard hit and were humiliated before a mostly unsympathetic public; they won't stand for it for much longer. Bloggers, particularly conservative ones, should be on the lookout. Bigger ones should expect to experience some breathing-down-the-neck (and some sniffy editorials) in the months to come.