Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Why are we sending help to Asia?

That's a rhetorical question. I know why we are sending help to the tsunami victims in Asia. Because the United States of America is the greatest country. We as a people are generous to a fault. When we hear about a tragedy such as the earthquake and subsequent tsunami, we immediately look for a way to help. We open our pocketbooks and our government sends whatever assistance it can. This is the way we Americans are. For those who claim that the U.S. was not founded on Christian values, I can find no better example of Christian charity. But this really isn't my question, my question is why do we keep doing it when the rest of the world act as such ingrates.

Many of those affected by the earthquake and tsunami are Muslims. While this in and of itself isn't a bad thing, I predict that in six months or a year, when this tragedy has faded from the world consciousness, these same people who are praising Allah for the food, water and other provisions that we are giving them, will be in the streets burning paper machet George Bushs and trampling crudely made U.S. flags and praising Usama Bin Laden. Mind you, I hope this doesn't happen. I hope that this helps to show other nations (including those nuanced Europeans) that we aren't the enemy. We don't want to eradicate Islam. We don't want to dominate their country. We want them to be happy, healthy and prosperous and not attacking us. However, this scenario has been repeated time and again. The U.S. shoulders the burden of relief efforts only to have those people we saved protest against us. If you keep biting the hand that keeps you from drowning, eventually, that hand will not be there, and you will go under. Oh, and you don't really see many nations begging France or Germany help.

In addition to that, where is all the aid from the oil-rich, Muslim nations? Where are the aircraft carriers from Saudi Arabia shuttling aid in to rural districts? Where are the food supplies from Kuwait amassing at the airport? And where are the construction and rescue teams from Iran helping to find survivors, locate the dead and rebuild the infestructure? I certainly don't see them on the evening news.