Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Chairman Yeow!

I don't like linking to the New York Times (aka Pravda on the Hudson) but if I must...

I really didn't see this coming. I honestly thought that after the demise of his bizarre campaign and the dispersal of his orange-beanie wearing Ben and Jerry commandos, that we would no longer be hearing the "barbaric yawp" of Howard Dean. Guess I was wrong. Guess the Dems can do worse than Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer, and Ted Kennedy.

Wasn't failing to put past the American public a windsurfing, weatherbeaten gigolo and his bossy, hypochondriacal meal ticket enough of a black eye for the Order of the Stain? Do they really feel the need to take it on the nose or the chin? And do they really think GodHilla and Co are going to stand long for Screamin' Demon Dean's antics, especially as 2008 closes in?

Hillary is trying hard now to appear as a 'centrist,' (as in, "Oh, yeah, I pray, I pray all the time," or "Oh, sure, I'm a big fan of those New York Yankee Sox. I always try to get a seat by the goal line.") and cannot afford to have Dean escaping his tie-dyed hamster cage. That's because he'll do bad things, like gnaw through any remaining liberal credibility, or get hopelessly trapped in yet another dark and narrow Widely Televised Social Blunder, asphyxiate, die, and start to stink up the Democratic political house.

I mean, hey, if Dems want Chairman Yeow, they can have him. Was it Napoleon who said that one should never interrupt one's enemies when they are busy destroying themselves?