Monday, February 07, 2005

Did Something Happen This Weekend?

Was there some kind of big show, or game this weekend? Did I miss something. I may be the only guy (OK, one of the few guys) who doesn't care for football, but the whole Super Bowl thing boors me. College football (aside from the issues of unqualified students being passed through fluff classes so they can play) is much more entertaining to me. Hockey is my game, but we won't go there this season (what season...). Here is what I don't get. You would think that, with such a big ratings draw on the lucky network to air the Super Bowl, the other networks would compete for those of us who couldn't care less. Instead, we are bombarded with crappy programming like the history of marshmallows, or the lousy sit-com from last year that was canceled after two episodes. Animal Planet actually aired the "Puppy Bowl." Hours of puppies playing in a box. WTF was that!?!? Who in the world would watch that nauseating exhibition of cuteness? Why not show a good movie, or an enlightening documentary. I understand the network wonks not showing their hit programs until after the Super Bowl, but why must we endure their visual garbage?