Monday, February 28, 2005

Doesn't It Ever Get Old?

I'm generally not one for Hollywood, or parties, or the Oscars. Or dope. If as much of it is smoked on a regular basis as was at said bash, then I finally have a solid explanation for many of the movies that come out of Hollywood: "Blow Nine Bucks Now," "Explosion: The Bruckenheimering," and "Another Adam Sandler Movie Comes to Raze Your Town," just to name a few.

Dime-store decadence like this feels, frankly, quaint to me now. There's a Roaring Twenties vibe to it; the rough beast is slouching toward Gomorrah, but he's gonna get down with P. Diddy and Warren Beatty first. And nobody really cares, except for gossip columnists. Times are different. These people seem trapped in amber; they make me think of Hunter Thompson, that way. They don't adapt and they never really change. It's always the '70s: Vietnam, drugs, hot tubs, Nixon giving the double-V, casual sex, one or two or three divorces, nerf religions, fad diets, designer morals. But the whole thing is sepia-toned and flickering. Haven't we been over this ground before? Doesn't this ever get old?