Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Farking Hilarious!

Today the AP was reporting on the capture of a U.S. Soldier. The terrorists released an announcement stating that if their comrades weren't released from prison, the soldier would loose his head. Well, I have removed the heads from a few of these guys myself. The soldier is a G.I. Joe doll complete with plastic M-16 pointed at his head. It looks like the legacy media was duped again. So quick to jump on any perceived failure of the president or his policy in Iraq, they jump without first doing the basics in research. First, the uniform doesn't look quite right, the face is plastic and expressionless (literally).

First, See-BS news gets raked over the coals for going to air with obviously faked and certainly unsupported MS Word documents. Now, the AP jumping on the hostage soldier story. When will the MSM or legacy media get the idea that it isn't business as usual? That they have to be twice as careful before they take a story to press.

You can see the doll and the AP photos on A Small Victory and Wizbang.

Hat tip to Ace and Drudge for the follow up on this story.