Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Here Comes Da' Judge

Ohio Supreme Court Judge Nancy Robie Resnick was busted for DUI yesterday. After numerous 911 calls reporting a drunk driver, the Ohio State Highway Patrol pulled Judge Resnick over. After handing over her ID and Registration, she drove off. Yes, without waiting for the officer to check on her, write her up or release her, she just drove off. The officer pulled Judge Resnick over, again, and awaited the arrival of a supervisor. Video provided by the OSHP shows Judge Resnick driving erratically, and then asking the officer to let her off the hook. Judge Resnick failed a field sobriety test and smelled of alcohol.

Well, what can I say? It is obvious that Judge Resnick's judgment was impaired. She shouldn't have been driving, but more importantly, she should have known better. What upsets me about this is that while the judge's car (a state car BTW) was impounded, Judge Resnick wasn't taken into custody. If Joe Q. Public (in other words you or me) drove off after being pulled over by the OSHP and then failed a field sobriety test, he (or we) would have been cuffed, and tossed in the hoosegow to dry out. But, because this woman is a judge she gets to skate on the avoiding prosecution charge. Where is the justice in that?