Monday, February 07, 2005

I Guess Justice isn't Blind

Some more events have transpired since Justice Reznick's alcohol doused traffic romp last week. Today, party-gal, Justice Resnick is going to change her plea. She originally entered a plea of "not guilty" last week during her arraignment. However, Justice Reznick is now poised to show true character by taking responsibility for her actions. I'm not holding my breath. I expect she will plea "no contest" to dodge responsibility.

Yet, something smells decidedly funky about this whole thing. Bowling Green City Prosecutor Matt Reger has decided not to file charges for fleeing the scene of a crime, or hindering prosecution in regards to Justice Reznick's case. Justice Reznick, after being told she wasn't "free to leave" drove off, forcing officers to follow her for seven minute on I-75. Despite having video of Justice Reznick being told not to leave, Mr. Reger says there isn't enough evidence to file the charges. This smells of political favoritism.

What would have happened if I had driven off after being stopped under suspicion of DUI? What would have happened if I had taken off, leaving my license and registration in the hands of a police officer? I would have been face down on the pavement with TASER barbs in my chest and a cop kneeling on my head.