Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Let the Bad Guys Vote

This is one issue where I just don't get the democrats. Former Co-President Hillary Clinton among other democrats has come out publicly in support of measures which allow convicted felons and illegal aliens the right to vote.

So, who do the Democrats hope will show up at the polls? Rapists, Murderers, Child Molesters, Check Kiters, Illegal Aliens, Thieves, Crack Heads, Illiterates, the Confused, the Unprepared, and those who for "some" reason are afraid to show photo ID. I'll let you decide what that says about the identity and values of the Democrat's base. What evidence do I make this shocking and impolite assertion upon, you ask? Why, the "Count Every Vote Act of 2005," a bill proudly introduced into the Senate last week by Senators Hillary Clinton (N.Y.), Barbara Boxer (Calif.), John Kerry (Mass.), Frank Lautenberg (N.J.) and Barbara Mikulski (Md.) -- all Democrats.

Wha...? I thought the idea was that when a person chose to commit a crime, they were, in essence, forfeiting their rights. We have a right to freedom. Yet we hold convicted felons in prison for a period of time. We (as society through our agents in the form the criminal justice and prison systems) remove their freedom by dictating when the felons can get up, where they can go and what they can do. But now the democrats are going to argue that they are still entitled to the "right" to vote?

Then there is the issue of the illegal alien. Setting aside the fact that the illegal alien is in violation of the law (see above argument). As an alien, this person is not a citizen of the United States. How can anyone logically argue that a person who is not a citizen of a particular country should have voting privilege in that country. I don't care if the person lives there, if they want that "right" then they should become a citizen. Where do we draw the line. If our policies affect other people in other countries, shouldn't they have a right to have a voice in our government? Should we allow the French to vote for president? Should the Iraqi people be given a voice in selecting our senators? If another country's policies affect the U.S. shouldn't we be given a voice in their government? I would love to see a democrat argue that U.S. citizens should have a vote in French or German elections.

Has the democrat's intentions to "retake" power from the republicans become so transparent that they can support such untenable policies?