Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Liberal Media: The Second Front

Liberal media outlets seem determined to lose the war against terror.

Newsweek ran yet ANOTHER ABU GRAIB STORY immediately after their coverage of the Iraqi election. I guess Newsweek plans on beating this dead horse until it's really, really dead. Really, really, really dead. Or shoe leather.

The BBC, meanwhile, plans on running a "reality show" centered upon Gitmo. I use the term 'reality' loosely. What they will film is this:

GITMO PRISONER: They are bad men! The guards are bad men! But we will beat them! They will not defeat us! On to Paradise! Death to America!

MARINE GUARD: We're guarding them because they're dangerous. We're not going to let them go, who knows who they'd kill. So, yep, that's why we've got 'em.

What the BBC runs will be like this:


MARINE GUARD: ...We're...going to...kill...'em...

COOLLY CONSIDERING BBC CORRESPONDENT: Beat. Kill. Death. Three words. Three words that hang over Guantanamo Bay much like the three words that hung over a similarily infamous place: Auschwitz. Arbeit Mach Frei.

MARINE GUARD'S MOM, BACK HOME WATCHING: Why is Billy talking so funny?

MARINE GUARD'S DAD: Ah, he always gets choppy in front of a camera...