Saturday, February 12, 2005

Lynne Stewart, Meet Martha

Looks like Ward Churchill isn't the only leftie in hot water these days...

I'd actually forgotten all about this particular specimen of the lumpen intelligentsia until this story cropped up. Now, it's coming back...

Lynne Stewart is the lawyer for creepy critter Shiek Omar Abdel-Rahman, who is suspected of masterminding the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. Remember that one? Anyone? Bueller?

Anyway, as the story above says, Lynne Stewart, like many leftie lawyers, seems to be under the impression that the law does not apply to her. The United States can't lock up lawyers, Lynne? Au contraire, my collapsed souffle look-alike. Lawyers, no matter how prominent, wealthy, or annoying, are subject to the same laws as Tammy Punchclock and Joe Paycheck.

Speed, and you get a ticket. Aid terrorists, and you go to jail. Like the late night infomercials say, it's just that simple.

Lefties, look...I know you get a certain delicious frission from sticking it to AmeriKKKa whenever you can and by whatever means available. You can be Mort Kunstler and defend clients who are basically mollusks. You can be Michael Moore and make semi-bogus documentaries. Or you can be Janeane Garofalo, appear on TV to make your plodding political 'points', and leave people wondering if you ever had a career of any sort to begin with. Granted, you'll get your crap back with a side order of fries (and yes, they're French, so don't get hissy), but by and large you'll be left alone to do whatever: claim your thirteen-forty-sevenths Cherokee Indian, pester the local city commission into reclassing 'manholes' as 'personholes', or discover an actual mollusk in your family tree. But when you actually aid America's enemies, it gets problematic.