Tuesday, February 08, 2005

More Bad News from Iraq

If you're a liberal. Here's a story from the Washington Post (requires registration).

Again, it seems that these Iraqis who the liberals claim can't appreciate freedom, liberty or democracy, and who long for the return of the Baathests are at it again.

With a hero who gave his life for the elections, a revived national anthem blaring from car stereos and a greater willingness to help police, the public mood appears to be moving more clearly against the insurgency in Iraq, political and security officials said.

Despite the mocking from the left in the U.S., the Iraqis are taking their blue index finger seriously. Now that they have a visible indicator of like-minded Iraqis, the people have begun turning in their insurgent neighbors. They are turning over insurgents and radical Islamists at a dizzying rate.

In the week since national elections, police officers and Iraqi National Guardsmen said they have received more tips from the public, resulting in more arrests and greater effectiveness in their efforts to weaken the violent insurgency rocking the country.

We (the conservatives) have been saying that once the Iraqi people become truly empowered, and feel a sense of ownership in their own government, they would begin to fight back against the Islamofascists who have infested their country since the fall of Sadam (or before).

The insurgency began to emerge soon after the toppling of Saddam Hussein, on a tide of anger over the U.S. occupation. But in interviews over the past week, officials and Baghdad residents cited what they called a renewed nationalist pride since the elections that they said may be dampening anti-American sentiment, and may be starting to dispel Iraqi tolerance and support for the insurgents.

Now I am not expecting to see our soldiers home by the end of the year, or a complete end to the violence. I do believe that we have turned the corner. We are seeing the beginning of the end to the insurgency in Iraq. As the Iraqi people write their constitution and become even more invested in their own government, expect more of this.

I hate to say we told you so but, we told you so.