Wednesday, February 16, 2005

OK, You Get Syria...

Some fuss has been made over the recent pact between Iran and Syria. I don't know - to me, it looks more like an act of desperation than one of calculation. Iran is a country beset by severe internal problems resulting from the failure of the Khomeini revolution. Syria is also a basket case lacking even the advantages of Iranian oil wealth. Some genius over at Daily Kos opined that a regional war would result in the Syrian Army ("not the best in the world") rolling into Iraq against "demoralized" US forces.

Good lord, but where do liberals get their ideas on military affairs? Stratego? Old episodes of M*A*S*H*? The Syrian Army is barely capable of keeping its boot on the throat of Lebanon. It reminds me of my old dodgeball days when all the good kids have already been picked and you're stuck sorting painfully through the duds. Syria is a dud; even Russia's reputed recent efforts to provide advanced SAMs to it won't help much.

Or, look at it this way: there was a Three Stoogian quality to the (former) Axis of Evil, meaning Iran (Moe, definitely), North Korea (Larry), and Iraq (Curly). Well, with Curly rendered hors de combat, another third stooge must be found, and Iran came up with...Syria. The Curly Joe deRita of the Middle East. What, was Shemp busy?