Wednesday, February 02, 2005

On Your Back or On Your Feet, We Don't Care

Earlier in the week, this story broke about a twenty-five year old German woman who was being denied her unemployment benefits because she turned down a job as a prostitute, a "celebrated Berlin prostitute" has come out in support of the policy.

"Why shouldn't they send the unemployed to work in the sex industry? Before it was a gray zone, but now employees are insured and receive benefits," Luft told Reuters. "People would no longer be unemployed and could earn themselves a living."

Uhm, is it me, or is there something wrong with this. How far as the culture in Germany declined that the idea of forcing a woman into the sex industry is hunky dory? Ok, if a woman wants to earn a living as a human sex doll, well that's her choice. I can't make a value call for her. But to force women into having sex or loose their benefits, that is a completely different issue. In my mind this is pretty much the same as rape. I guess we can see where the U.N. got the idea for the forced sex rings in Somalia.

"One can't expect everyone to be prepared to work in the sex industry," Luft said. "Plus if people aren't very attractive they aren't going to make much money," she added.

Ok, so the only excuse NOT to work as a hooker is that you are too ugly?!? I might also add that some people might not want to sell their genitals. But apparently, that is beyond Ms. Luft's comprehension.

Speculation has grown over recent weeks that Germany's new welfare reforms, obliging the long-term unemployed to take any available job or risk losing their benefits, could lead to women being offered jobs in the sex industry

More disturbing to me is the lack of noise coming from the left. Some feminist idealogues have tried to argue that consentual sex is more or less a form of rape (see a discussion of one such weird book here). Yet, this obvious case of forced sexual activity hasn't drawn a firestorm of criticism from them. Why aren't groups like NOW or the U.N. Human Rights guardians screaming bloody murder? Is it because I am not nuanced enough to see this as a good thing? Is it their blind adoration of the European culture keeps them from seeing the inherent evil?