Thursday, February 10, 2005

Prince Charles to Marry His Polo Horse

Oh, I'm sorry, that's Camilla? Anyhow, it seems that the MSM has its new fascination of the hour. Which for me, begs the question, WHO FREAKING CARES!?!

We are talking about an adulterous guy who's claim to fame is that his mommy is the Queen. He doesn't make movies. He doesn't sell real estate. He spends his time living off the British tax payer's dime all the while bagging what has to be one of the ugliest women in England. And the media is all jacked about it. Maybe if I lived in England, I could scrounge up a care. But this is the U.S.A. former colony of the aforementioned country. Why should we care what "the royals" are up to.

Oh well, I guess I can just skip the news for the next couple months while this plays itself out.