Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Talk About a Bad Do

Watch out, the terrorists have targeted another high profile group, hairdressers.

In another neighborhood, gunmen fire wildly into a busy barbershop, killing the owner and three teenage boys waiting for haircuts.

Yes, Iraq has become such a lawless society, not even barbers are safe.

At yet another shop, a masked visitor presses a note into the palm of a horrified haircutter. The message: "Our swords are thriving for the neck of barbers."

Ok, you are such a wuss that you have to put on a mask to pass a note to the stylist? Yes, these mighty warriors of Allah's True Faith are striking fear into the hearts of hairdressers the world over. What, did you run out of school crossing guards to menace? If these guys get any more foolish, even the left won't be able to take them seriously. I say we send in Nick Arrojo and the Pink Trimmer Battalion.