Wednesday, February 02, 2005

War Protestors are Jack-a**es

I have been shying away from local news issues in hopes of generating some national traffic. But this story just pisses me off. A group apparently calling themselves "War is Shit" protesting the war in Iraq vandalized an Army recruiting office. They tossed a bucket filled with excrement and labeled with their catchy slogan into the office's front window. In addition to that, the "protesters" defaced a number of billboards and buildings in town, again with that catchy slogan.

Ok, you oppose the war. Got it. You have every right to oppose the president's policies. Want to protest it? Grow a pair, grab a sign and turn out in person to protest. Attacking businesses, defenseless signs and a recruiting office in the middle of the night is shit, to use your own slogan. I guess you are too cowardly to protest in daylight. You realize that the majority of the people don't share your opinion. So you make your "statement" under the cloak of darkness. You are garbage yourself.

I may not agree with them, but I can respect a person who can openly express their opinion by protesting the war. The actions of these people is sheer cowardice.