Friday, February 25, 2005

Watch Your Backs Guys, the French are Here

After nearly two years of grousing about the way we choose to handle Iraq, our allies in Europe have finally put up (thought they still won't shut up). Our good friends in Europe have agreed to help train the Iraqi army. While I appreciate the support (late though it is) I have to wonder about the wisdom of asking the French training any army. What are they going to teach the Iraqis? Better ways to surrender? How to retreat with the fewest casualties?

Lets be brutally truthful here. The agreement made by NATO is symbolic at best. It is three years too late, woefully undersupported (some countries are sending only one advisor) and virtually meaningless. President Bush has to complement our allies on their gracious help in his attempt to soothe the European heads of state. Sadly, we need these countries to promote freedom throughout the world. We need to be the "big man" swallow our pride and extend our hand in friendship, after the crap the Europeans have given us, despite the fact we are right (11 years of economic sanctions failed to do what 5 divisions have done in two years). And all they can do is send some teachers.

It really shows you who your friends are when you see who stands by your side when the chips are down, and you are in a brawl. Great Britain, Australia, Poland and Italy (among many others) as compared to France, Germany, Russia and Belgium. I will take the former over the latter any day.