Friday, February 18, 2005

WMD Saddam: Bringin Da Noize

First, let me explain that I had no idea that Muslim and Buddhist rappers like Capital D and Maxi Jazz even existed (Newsweek sidebar, recent issue.)

I don't like rap: too cracka, not to mention that my pants actually fit, so I'm out of the running already. But I couldn't help but notice that Capital D and Maxi Jazz rap against the war in Iraq. Guess it's Baathists over ballots when you're streetwise, boyyyy...

Hmm. Saddam isn't doing much these days. Neither are his sons. I'm sure they were against the war in Iraq, too. Granted, Uday and Qusay (or Couscous or whatever) are stiffs, but factor in the Tupac Shakur Capped Ass Theorem of Post Mortem Gangsta Popularity and you have...WMD Saddam and Da Prone Posse. There's our third leg! And for the purposes of old school, we'll throw in Flavor Flav because he really needs something to do.