Thursday, March 31, 2005

And so it Ends

Terri Schindler-Schaivo died this morning, without her mother, father or any other family memeber (I don't consider Michael to be her family, espcially after this) present. Michael Schaivo will get his reward, this side of life, or the other.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

It's Good to be the King (Mayor)

Well, Toledo Mayor Jack Ford has found a good deal to support his re-election campaign. The mayor has founded a new program for "stimulating economic development" in town. This consists of using tax payer money to put up billboards with his face and name on them. These billboards are going to be placed in such far reaching places at Toledo, Toledo, and Toledo. You might think that if you were trying to stimulate economic development in Toledo, you might try to advertise the city in another market rather than here at home. You might also try to highlight the benefits of locating your business in Toledo rather than just the name and face of the mayor.

At first, the only ones calling this economic development program into question were republicans (the few that live in Toledo). But now, democratic supporters including The Toledo Blade (one of America's great newspapers) are starting to realize how this is a poorly disguised re-election campaign rather than an economic development plan.

IN AN election year, Mayor Jack Ford's new "Toledo Works" publicity campaign doesn't pass the political straight-face test, and the $24,600 in city money spent on it can be legitimately questioned.

Yes, that's right, nearly $30k was allocated for this project. That is tax money. Money taken from my paycheck to support city services, not a re-election campaign. By the way, the money was pulled out of three seperate city departments to avoid having to go to the city councle.

Add to it, the continued streaching of the truth, the issue stinks even more. Back in '04 Mayor Ford traveled to this little political rally, the Democratic National Convention, in Boston and made the outrageous claim that President Bush lost 15,000 jobs in Toledo. He then went on to relate how Bu$hHitler ran an auto parts firm out of town, neglecting to mention tha the auto parts company made chrome bumpers, which are not used on cars anymore.

Now Mayor Ford takes credit for creating jobs and helping a company, outside of Toledo, expand.

The site, referred to on the billboards, declares boldly that Toledo is "a model for economic progress by adding more than 2,800 new jobs in the past three years." It points to "signature projects" like the Jeep plant expansion and Dana Corp.'s technology center - even though the Dana facility is outside the city.

That is still a job loss of 12,200 on your watch Mayor Ford.

The Blade says that the campaign doesn't pass the "smell test."

Even the most hard-boiled political consultant would have difficulty suppressing a smile while claiming otherwise. A quick look at the Web site leaves doubt that the campaign is Mr. Ford's re-election manifesto.

I say the whole thing doesn't pass the smell test. It stinks all the way to city hall.

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Save our Scouts Act

In case you haven't noticed, the institution of scouting in America has come under increasing attack. First in 2000, the Boy Scouts were labeled as bigots when they refuse to admit homosexuals as scouts or leaders. Personally, I don't think I would feel comfortable letting one of my son's go on an overnight excursion with a gay scout leader any more than letting a teen-aged girl go on a camping trip with a heterosexual man.

Then, in 2002 the Boy Scouts drew some heat for expelling an Eagle Scout for not professing a belief in a god. Not just the Christian God, but any god. Spiritual Growth being one of the core purposes of Scouting, atheism is deemed to be antithema to Scouting's goals.

Now, the ACLU has forced the Department of Defense to issue an order that military units are no longer able to sponsor Boy Scout or Cub Scout Units. So, now the ACLU considers the Boy Scouts to be a religious organization because they can't force them to take homosexuals or atheists. Ok, got it.

Coming to the defense of the Scouts, are Senators Bill Frist and Alexander both of whom are Eagle Scouts. They have sposored legislation to help protect Scouting.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senators Bill Frist, M.D. (R-TN) and Lamar Alexander (R-TN) will introduce legislation in the next few days "to ensure that the Boy Scouts of America are treated fairly by guaranteeing their right to equal access to public facilities, forums, and programs."

It is about time that Americans of conscience stand up and support the Boy Scouts. Few institutions remain today that strive to develop the character of our young people. The public school system has become obsessed with providing children with positive self esteem, rather than the means to develop it themselves. Our culture has become far too concerned with what we want, or what feels good, rather than what is right. Now more than ever we need groups like the Boy Scouts. And more than ever organizations on the Left side of America seek to subvert groups like the Boy Scouts.

“Since 1910, Boy Scout membership has totaled more than 110 million young Americans,” said Frist. “Today, more than 3.2 million youths and more than 1.2 million adults are members of the Boy Scouts. This unique American institution is committed to preparing our youth for the future by instilling in them values such as honesty, integrity, and character. The Boy Scouts depend on equal access to public facilities and participation in public programs and forums. The legislation I’ll be introducing ensures that the Boy Scouts are treated fairly by guaranteeing their right to equal access to public facilities, forums, and programs. This legislation will allow the Boy Scouts to fulfill its mission without the distraction of defending itself against senseless attacks.”

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Brave, Brave, Brave Sir Robin,

At least our friends to the North have some balls. Canada has rejected the asylum request for a coward and military deserter.

TORONTO (CP) - An American war dodger who fled the U.S. military because he believed the invasion of Iraq was criminal has lost his bid for refugee status in Canada in a case closely watched on both sides of the border.

So Michelle Malkin asks this question;

Where will he head next? Your suggestions?

Oh, I love a challenge.

Let's see if we can give him some ideas.

10. IRAQ: Maybe he could grow a pair and go fulfill his pledge to his native country. Nah, I doubt it.

9. IRAN: They are a peaceful and tolerant country aren't they?

8. NORTH KOREA: Sure, food's hard to come by, but I hear the tree bark is expected to be unusually tender this spring. Same goes for the peasants...

7. CHINA: With their growing economy, the could use a few good liberals to show em how to drive it into the ground.

6. MORDOR: Oops, looks like they're on a war footing, too. Crap.

5. MEXICO: Main danger here is that you might get swept up in one those periodic 'waves' of illegals and deposited right back in the country you're trying to

4. SPAIN: They'll probably make you prime minister.

3. KRGYZSTAN: I think I had this hand in Scrabble, once.

2. GREAT BRITAIN: He could follow in Bill Clinton's foot steps, oh but wait, they sent troops to Iraq too.

1. FRANCE: Lets see, he's an obnoxious America-hating liberal, well he'll fit in just fine.

(Thanks to Strumgruppa for 8, 6, 5, 4, and 3. I like your 8 better than mine.)

On the Off Chance You Might Listen

Jerry Springer is joining radiotastrophe Air America.

I'm not exactly sure how hillbilly alpha-male clashes and transvestite midgets are going to play over the air waves, but it should be interesting. Use your imagination, citizens.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Obligatory Terri Schiavo Article

I have not commented on the Terri Schiavo case up to this point. I have been mulling it over for several weeks. However, in the end, I chose not to opine. Why, you might ask. Because the issue is not nearly as clear as either side would like to make it. Is Terri in a PVS (persistent vegetative state)? I don't know. There is evidence that she is. Then again there is compelling evidence that she isn't. The problem is that all the evidence comes from people who have a vested interest in the outcome. It comes from either the "husbands" camp, strangely supporting removal of Terri's feeding tube, or it comes from the parents, supported by the right-to-life movement which strangely supports that Terri isn't in a PVS. There has, as yet, been no independent information on this issue.

Personally, I think there is something hinkey going on. However, both sides have muddied the water so much that I seriously wonder if an accurate assessment can be made. So, I might draw the ire of my conservative pals out there by not adding my voice to the chores of howls on either side. But there it is.

Update: John Hawkins at Right Wing News has a nice 70 word summary of the issue.

CNN Duped on Air

I have to tip my hat to Ace right up front on this one folks and this one is precious.

CNN was duped on air by a fan of Howard Stern. While covering a wild fire in California, the CNN reporter interviewed a caller claiming to be the mayor of San Diego. The caller was, in fact, not the mayor of San Diego, or any other city, but a prankster. You would think that a producer working for CNN would have been smart enough to at least check to see if this guy really was the mayor of San Diego before putting the call through. But alas, in the world of main stream media, source checking isn't a high priority.

Friday, March 18, 2005

The So-Called "Nuclear Option"

I am so sick of hearing the media talk about the so-called "nuclear option." The whining of the senate democrats have once again swayed the passions of the MSM. The "nuclear option" was exercized by the democrats four years ago when they decided to subvert the power of the president by fillabustering his judicial nominations. Yet this "nuclear option" is not discussed by the MSM.

Let me see if I can explain how this is supposed to work, keeping in mind that I am not a constitutional law expert. The constitution, you know, that piece of paper on which our government is based, clearly describes the powers of the president. One of those powers is to appoint federal judges and supreme court judges. The senate then has the power to either vote them "up," approving the nomination, or "down" rejecting the nominee.

In this case, the president has nominated 10 people to occupy spots as federal judges (this was four years ago by the way). The majority of the senate approves of the nominees, so the senate, if allowed, would confirm these nominees. However, in a move to spite the president, and the senate republicans, the senate democrats have insigated a fillabuster. This is where a member of the senate takes the floor of the senate to debate the nominee (or a bill in other situations) but then refuses to relinquish the floor, meaning that a vote cannot be taken. The senate can over rule the fillabuster, but only with a 2/3eds margin of the senate. The republicans cannot muster 2/3ed majority to over rule the fillabuster, but do have the votes needed to confirm the nominees.

So, for all intents and purposes, the house democrats have stalled any movement that can be made as far as these judge positions are concerned. The so-called nuclear option is that the senate republicans can temporarilly change the rules of order in regard to the fillabuster, but only for judicial nominations, not for other senate business. The new rules would state that after the first vote to end the fillabuster, the senate could call for another vote with a smaller margin, a simple majority, to end it. This would allow for a fillabuster, but if only a small number of democrats are stalling business, the larger body could over ride the minority. This is completely constitutional. The media, however, rather than focus on the last four years of gridlock on these judicial nominations, focus on this attempt by the senate republicans to get some real work done.

The Newest Cracka

Howdy all.

Yesterday, it was my pleasure to welcome the newest cracka, Harrison David Jennings. He is 5 lb 13 oz and 19.5 in. Mom and baby are doing fine. If I find an easy way to host pictures, I will post links later. Now, I am off to the hospital to visit Harry and mom.

Monday, March 14, 2005

So Much for Leaving it up to the States

Despite politicians telling us we were paranoid. Telling us we don't need a Defense of Marriage Law or Amendment. A superior court judge today ruled California's ban on same sex marriage as unconstitutional.

In a win for gay rights activists, a judge in California ruled Monday that marriage cannot constitutionally be limited to a legal union between a man and a woman.

Many politicians try to dodge this issue by claiming that this is an issue of states rights. It is up to the individual states to decide what constitutes marriage. This is a point I agree with. However, when you ask the same politicians to protect the rights of the states to make these laws, they, the politicians, suddenly find somewhere else to be. So it is left up to the judges to make the laws without the say of the citizens.

"It appears that no rational purpose exists for limiting marriage in this state to opposite-sex partners,"

No rational purpose other than the voters of the state passed the frickin law. There seems to be no rational purpose for limited the speed on the interstate, should we get rid of the speed limit? There is no rational reason to remove "under God" from the Pledge of Allegiance. Should we let that one stay?

If a state wants to allow same sex marriages, so be it. Let the [insert favorite euphemism for homosexuals] go run off to Hawaii to get hitched. But if the people of the state overwhelmingly support a ban on same sex marriages, that should stand too.

Media Coverage of '04 Election Was Biased?

Here's another one from the obvious file.

U.S. media coverage of last year's election was three times more likely to be negative toward President Bush than Democratic challenger John Kerry, according to a study released Monday.

Well Duh! How much bias do we the public have to endure before the main stream media (MSM) get a clue?

The annual report by a press watchdog that is affiliated with Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism said that 36 percent of stories about Bush were negative compared to 12 percent about Kerry, a Massachusetts senator.

Yeah, we knew that. You still can't turn on the evening news and find a positive story about President Bush. Even when the MSM has something good to report, they have to look for the negative aspect and focus on that. Take the report that fewer soldiers and marines were dying in combat than in previous engagements. Rather than hail our advancements in medical technology, the MSM focused on the horrible state these poor individuals who survived combat were in.

And here is the saddest statement of all.

"It may be that the expectations of the press have sunk enough that they will not sink much further. People are not dismayed by disappointments in the press. They expect them," the authors of the report said.
In other words, we are so used to the MSM bias we now expect them to report crap. Sad.

Kofi Annan Solves Problem of Terrorism

Secretary General of the United Nations, Kofi Annan has finally developed at real solution to the problem of international terrorism. Make a treaty.

U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan called Thursday for a world treaty on terrorism that would outlaw attacks targeting civilians and establish a framework for a collective response to the global threat.

Huzzah! Someone has finally tackled the threat posed by Usama, and Al Qaida. And not that solution the Bushhitler used which is failing soooooo badly in Iraq, Afghanistan. Three cheers for Kofi!

Bah! If anyone actually thinks this will have any affect on international terrorism, I have some beach front property I can let you have real cheap.

Although the United Nations and its agencies already have 12 treaties covering terrorism, a universal definition has been elusive.

Well gee, its been tried before, and it doesn't work. Surprise, surprise. But let me go back to another point.

and establish a framework for a collective response to the global threat.

Yeah, a threat of "collective response" worked so well in Iraq. Saddam was so impressed by the threat of a "collective response" from the U.N. that his troops shot at coalition air craft on a daily basis. He was so afraid of a "collective response" that he murdered thousands of his own people. So how is someone like Usama, or better yet, Ahmed who's wearing a C-4 vest headed toward an Israeli school.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Gonzo conspiracy Theories

Well, I admit that I had my own suspicions when I heard the inconsistent stories Hunter Thompson's wife, but now the bugs are coming out of the wood work.

It took a few weeks, but Hunter Thompson's suicide is hatching the inevitable conspiracy theories. Writing in yesterday's New York Post, the estimable gossipmonger Richard Johnson points out ''some serious irregularities" in the police investigation.

*involuntary Head Slap*

One of the theories (not mentioned in the article) states that Thompson had come across evidence that the planes didn't bring the World Trade Center down. Rather it was loaded with explosives at the bottom. I guess that's why the building collapsed from the top down, eh? So the moonbats suggest that Thompson was whacked by Bushhitler's minions. Yawn. With Thompson's gonzo life, you would think they could find a new, more gonzo theory. Heck, they should be able to come up with more useless uses of the word gonzo as well.

Anyway, some of the stranger aspects of this case include the inconsistencies between the wife's stories. In one story she claimed she was at the gym when Thompson called and she said she heard him cock the gun and then a muffled bang. In another story she claims that she and Thompson had spoken before hand about him committing suicide. In addition to that, Thompson's wife was found having a scotch with the body when police arrived. The police also reported hearing shots when they arrived. Apparently, Thompson's son was firing a "salute" to his dad when the police arrived.

Ok, so how f-ed up is that. Dad blows his brains out while on the phone with mom. Mom heads home and makes herself a drink before calling police, and dear son is taking pot-shots at the trees in the back yard. Riiiiiiiight.

Monday, March 07, 2005

Casino Company Buys 69-HH Stripper's Implant

I didn't make that one up. Here's the story.

Uhm, what else is there to say. Maybe... Yet another reason not to go to Vagas?

More Posting Problems

Sorry for the lack of posts over the last week. I was just beginning to get things sorted out when a family medical situation arose. Basically, my wife is expecting our second child and she is experiencing complications with the pregnancy. So as the dutiful husband, I have been taking care of our seven-year-old and by my wife's side as much as possible. I will try to post as my schedule allows, but not with my previous frequency.

They Shoot Commies, Don't They?

And sometimes even by accident...

By now, you know the story. Italian reporter and former hostage Giuliana Sgrena was wounded by American fire at a US military checkpoint in Iraq; Italian intelligence officer Nicola Calipari was killed while attempting to shield her.

Sgrena writes for the communist ('leftist' if you're MSM) paper Il Manifesto, which, in addition to clinging to a dead ideology, also opposes US policy in Iraq and basically dislikes Americans in general. She claims that not only did American soldiers offer no warning prior to firing upon the vehicle she was in, but that purposely targeted her and her rescuers in retaliation for circumventing standard US policy regarding hostage negotiations in Iraq. She admits she has no solid evidence of this, and it is well known that the road she and her rescuers were on is one of the most dangerous in Iraq. There is also no evidence that US forces had any idea a car full of Italians was on the way; if that's the case, then how did they know to target an obscure reporter from a Bolshie fishwrap mag? Oh, and she might have been fired on by a US tank in addition. Maybe. Not real sure on that one. But Americans are horrible people so it probably makes it true anyway.

Commies lie, and Sgrena has plenty of motive to fudge her version of events: melodrama, avid dislike of the US, self-promotion, vain hope that maybe Communism will become fashionable again. Call it Dan Rather Syndrome. But the real concern is that many Italians, who would rather pretend that terrorism didn't exist until the US began to do something about it, will overreact, force Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi from office in upcoming elections and find a terror-compliant invertebrate to replace him. Or, as it it popularly known, the old Spanish Cut and Run.

Friday, March 04, 2005

Martha Stewart Leaving

It wasn't exactly Devil's Island, to be sure, and that five-month sentence was strictly nerf, but I suppose the kitchen-counterculture's alpha female is glad to be out of her cage.

If you're a fan of Martha Stewart, or buy any of her products, it would probably be wise at this point to go do something she would approve of, like write calligraphic dinner invitations to your neighbor's pets or trim the verge or weave your own gravy boat or whatever. Put bluntly, and despite whatever faux hearth-side spin Martha puts on it, she is a felon guilty of insider trading. A celebrity guilty of a crime is no different than any other offender; I don't care how rich, connected, famous, addled, dysfunctional, or bootylicious he or she is. Not that this is the case as applied in real life. Already there is (deeply regrettable) speculation that Martha's stint in the big house will only 'enhance' her career. Various carrion birds from the world of business and entertainment are lining up to cash in; not to mention the awful possibility of her own 'reality show.' What, will we learn how to cook the books? Whack stoolies? Launder money?

Maybe it's just me, but I don't think Martha has learned, or will learn, a single thing from this farce. She basically conducted herself like Marie Antoinette during the trial. She has a real tin ear when it comes to dealing with the public beyond the confines of her TV show. And I think that if you smack the back of her head hard enough her faceplate will come off, revealing wires, circuitry, and a processor chip bearing "Intel Inside!" on it.

But I think she is quietly fuming over the fact that she was caught in a criminal act and then punished (albeit very lightly) for it. Assuming Stepford wives fume. But, hey, does it matter?
America never really chastises celebrities anyway. Martha need not fear much more than Wacko Jacko stealing all the headlines from here on out; again, assuming he doesn't panic during his trial and suddenly return to his native dimension.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

No Freedom of Speech for You

This story came out last week when the Pearcy's activies came to light. The Pearcy's are the Berkeley ass-hats who hung an American Soldier in effigy from their house.

If you're not familiar with the Pearcy's, they are the Berkeley couple that hung an effigy of a soldier by a noose from their second home...

Well, the story is just beginning to develop. It turns out that this wasn't just their second home. It was a rental property. It was a property that was rented out to tenants who are republican. (A trio of republican hotties, but that is beside the point, check the link out for a pic.) It turns out that the former tenants had put out a Bush/Cheney sign at house they were renting. The owners, not just satisfied with removal of the sign began harassing the tenants. I highly recommend going to Digger's Realm and looking at the pictures of some of what these people of tolerance did.

The Pearcy's put up a sign reading "Only an Idiot will vote for TheIdiot [sic]" outside the house. Then then flew the Palestinian flag from the building. This is in addition to other harassment the tenants had to put up with.

I don't know if you've heard about the three of us & what went on during our lease- needless to say, we couldn't move out of there soon enough.

This is coming on the heals of Chairman Yeow's statement that "This is a struggle of good and evil. And we’re the good." These people of tolerance seem to be showing their true colors. I don't consider liberals to be evil, just mistaken. We have different views of how the world works, and how our government should be run. That doesn't make me "good" or "evil." But the liberals scream and holler when they think their rights, especially the freedom of speech, is being infringed.

Just look a the incident with Whoopi Goldberg during the last election cycle. She lost a lucrative endosement for some crass and rude statements she made about the sitting president. The issue on the left was how her rights were infringed by a private corporation choosing not to use her as an endorser, not the nature of the crude remarks and how they might have been in poor taste. Yet when renters show their support for Bush, the liberal owners go out of their way to make trouble. To top that, the liberals think it is ok, to show one of our soldiers being hanged in effigy.

I don't get it. We are the evil ones, but they are the ones harassing three young ladies for expressing themselves.