Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Gonzo conspiracy Theories

Well, I admit that I had my own suspicions when I heard the inconsistent stories Hunter Thompson's wife, but now the bugs are coming out of the wood work.

It took a few weeks, but Hunter Thompson's suicide is hatching the inevitable conspiracy theories. Writing in yesterday's New York Post, the estimable gossipmonger Richard Johnson points out ''some serious irregularities" in the police investigation.

*involuntary Head Slap*

One of the theories (not mentioned in the article) states that Thompson had come across evidence that the planes didn't bring the World Trade Center down. Rather it was loaded with explosives at the bottom. I guess that's why the building collapsed from the top down, eh? So the moonbats suggest that Thompson was whacked by Bushhitler's minions. Yawn. With Thompson's gonzo life, you would think they could find a new, more gonzo theory. Heck, they should be able to come up with more useless uses of the word gonzo as well.

Anyway, some of the stranger aspects of this case include the inconsistencies between the wife's stories. In one story she claimed she was at the gym when Thompson called and she said she heard him cock the gun and then a muffled bang. In another story she claims that she and Thompson had spoken before hand about him committing suicide. In addition to that, Thompson's wife was found having a scotch with the body when police arrived. The police also reported hearing shots when they arrived. Apparently, Thompson's son was firing a "salute" to his dad when the police arrived.

Ok, so how f-ed up is that. Dad blows his brains out while on the phone with mom. Mom heads home and makes herself a drink before calling police, and dear son is taking pot-shots at the trees in the back yard. Riiiiiiiight.