Wednesday, March 02, 2005

No Freedom of Speech for You

This story came out last week when the Pearcy's activies came to light. The Pearcy's are the Berkeley ass-hats who hung an American Soldier in effigy from their house.

If you're not familiar with the Pearcy's, they are the Berkeley couple that hung an effigy of a soldier by a noose from their second home...

Well, the story is just beginning to develop. It turns out that this wasn't just their second home. It was a rental property. It was a property that was rented out to tenants who are republican. (A trio of republican hotties, but that is beside the point, check the link out for a pic.) It turns out that the former tenants had put out a Bush/Cheney sign at house they were renting. The owners, not just satisfied with removal of the sign began harassing the tenants. I highly recommend going to Digger's Realm and looking at the pictures of some of what these people of tolerance did.

The Pearcy's put up a sign reading "Only an Idiot will vote for TheIdiot [sic]" outside the house. Then then flew the Palestinian flag from the building. This is in addition to other harassment the tenants had to put up with.

I don't know if you've heard about the three of us & what went on during our lease- needless to say, we couldn't move out of there soon enough.

This is coming on the heals of Chairman Yeow's statement that "This is a struggle of good and evil. And we’re the good." These people of tolerance seem to be showing their true colors. I don't consider liberals to be evil, just mistaken. We have different views of how the world works, and how our government should be run. That doesn't make me "good" or "evil." But the liberals scream and holler when they think their rights, especially the freedom of speech, is being infringed.

Just look a the incident with Whoopi Goldberg during the last election cycle. She lost a lucrative endosement for some crass and rude statements she made about the sitting president. The issue on the left was how her rights were infringed by a private corporation choosing not to use her as an endorser, not the nature of the crude remarks and how they might have been in poor taste. Yet when renters show their support for Bush, the liberal owners go out of their way to make trouble. To top that, the liberals think it is ok, to show one of our soldiers being hanged in effigy.

I don't get it. We are the evil ones, but they are the ones harassing three young ladies for expressing themselves.