Monday, March 14, 2005

So Much for Leaving it up to the States

Despite politicians telling us we were paranoid. Telling us we don't need a Defense of Marriage Law or Amendment. A superior court judge today ruled California's ban on same sex marriage as unconstitutional.

In a win for gay rights activists, a judge in California ruled Monday that marriage cannot constitutionally be limited to a legal union between a man and a woman.

Many politicians try to dodge this issue by claiming that this is an issue of states rights. It is up to the individual states to decide what constitutes marriage. This is a point I agree with. However, when you ask the same politicians to protect the rights of the states to make these laws, they, the politicians, suddenly find somewhere else to be. So it is left up to the judges to make the laws without the say of the citizens.

"It appears that no rational purpose exists for limiting marriage in this state to opposite-sex partners,"

No rational purpose other than the voters of the state passed the frickin law. There seems to be no rational purpose for limited the speed on the interstate, should we get rid of the speed limit? There is no rational reason to remove "under God" from the Pledge of Allegiance. Should we let that one stay?

If a state wants to allow same sex marriages, so be it. Let the [insert favorite euphemism for homosexuals] go run off to Hawaii to get hitched. But if the people of the state overwhelmingly support a ban on same sex marriages, that should stand too.