Monday, March 07, 2005

They Shoot Commies, Don't They?

And sometimes even by accident...

By now, you know the story. Italian reporter and former hostage Giuliana Sgrena was wounded by American fire at a US military checkpoint in Iraq; Italian intelligence officer Nicola Calipari was killed while attempting to shield her.

Sgrena writes for the communist ('leftist' if you're MSM) paper Il Manifesto, which, in addition to clinging to a dead ideology, also opposes US policy in Iraq and basically dislikes Americans in general. She claims that not only did American soldiers offer no warning prior to firing upon the vehicle she was in, but that purposely targeted her and her rescuers in retaliation for circumventing standard US policy regarding hostage negotiations in Iraq. She admits she has no solid evidence of this, and it is well known that the road she and her rescuers were on is one of the most dangerous in Iraq. There is also no evidence that US forces had any idea a car full of Italians was on the way; if that's the case, then how did they know to target an obscure reporter from a Bolshie fishwrap mag? Oh, and she might have been fired on by a US tank in addition. Maybe. Not real sure on that one. But Americans are horrible people so it probably makes it true anyway.

Commies lie, and Sgrena has plenty of motive to fudge her version of events: melodrama, avid dislike of the US, self-promotion, vain hope that maybe Communism will become fashionable again. Call it Dan Rather Syndrome. But the real concern is that many Italians, who would rather pretend that terrorism didn't exist until the US began to do something about it, will overreact, force Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi from office in upcoming elections and find a terror-compliant invertebrate to replace him. Or, as it it popularly known, the old Spanish Cut and Run.