Sunday, April 24, 2005

Civil Rights Abuses in Germany

Yes, Germany, that paragon of liberal ideals (at least according to some) is abusing the rights of cannibals. Yup, you heard it, cannibals. In Janurary 2004, Armin Meiwes was convicted of charges of manslaughter for murdering and eating a victim he met on the internet. Meiwes claimed that his victim was a willing participant in the, shall we say, meal.

Meiwes admitted to killing a Berlin computer specialist, Bernd-Juergen B, he met via the Internet, but was spared a murder conviction as the victim had asked to be eaten in a startling case of sexual fetishism.

Because the victim was a willing participant, Meiwes was only convicted of manslaughter, not murder. Hey, he wanted to be killed, dismembered, cooked and eaten. However, now the German court system thinks he got off too easy.

A top German court ordered a cannibal to be retried Friday, saying his manslaughter conviction for killing and eating a willing victim was too lenient. "The conviction only for manslaughter and not for murder does not stand up to legal review," the Federal Court of Justice said in a statement, upholding an appeal by prosecutors.

How dare they say that a cannibal can't murder and eat people! Where is the German equivalent of the ACLU crying that Meiwes' civil rights are being violated? Why did it have to get all the way to the Federal Court of Justice before anyone said "Hay, wait, what the hell are we doing letting an admitted cannibal get with murder?" At least someone finally did. Perhaps there is still hope for Europe.