Tuesday, April 26, 2005

"Complexities and Subtleties"

From WorldNet Daily...

I'm not too familiar with Maggie Gyllenhaal or her work, but it's going on four or so years after 9/11 and nonsense such as hers is not only getting distinctly tedious, but increasingly irrelevant.

Why does it always seem that actors and actresses always apply the Tao of Oprah to major geo-political matters? There's always qualifiers with liberals. Sure, they feel bad that you were mugged...but you are awfully rich and successful, you know, and, well, that engenders feelings of disenfranchisement. Sure, they feel bad that when burned alive in the Twin Towers, or plummeted to your doom...but, well, you were somehow contributing to unrest in the Middle East while putting together paper clip animals in your office. Just don't ask for any specific details; liberals tend to get even fuzzier than usual when pressed for them, though I'm sure Instant-Indian Ward Churchill can make some up on the spot.

And then there's "bravery." Hollywood has strange notions of what constitutes bravery. They occasionally get it right in their films but in real life...

You're 'brave' if you "ask questions (ie, slag) about the United States...and where's its headed," while trying to look pained and/or solemn.

You're 'brave' if you go abroad to tell the anti-American crowd what the anti-American crowd wants to hear.

You're 'brave' if you are nuanced and prone to such various complexities and subtleties that you can't do much else besides be nuanced, complexed, and subtle while dull workaday types from Fly-Over Land charge into burning buildings, wrestle with terrorists for control of the cockpit, storm Kabul and Baghdad, or vote for democracy in the face of insurgent violence.

I mean, come on. Those guys are, like, losers. And pass the cheese and capers. Did you hear my agent's got a new script?