Tuesday, April 26, 2005

"Compromise" on the Constitutional Option

Some time ago I posted my opinion of the "So-Called Nuclear Option." Well, today it looks as if the Damn-icrats and Republicans have blinked.

In private talks, Reid said he was willing to allow two of Bush's seven contested appeals court nominees pass through the confirmation process, but only if Republicans drop threats to ban judicial filibusters (search), officials said Monday.

The Damn-icrats have agreed to let TWO of President Bush's federal court nominations go through, if the Republicans drop the move to end judicial filibusters. That is two of twelve nomiations that have been held up for four years by Senate Damn-icrats. Oh, well isn't that so nice of them to stop subverting the constitution on two nominations, but it gets better.

The Nevada Democrat also wants a third appointee to the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals (search) to be replaced by one chosen by Michigan's two Democratic senators, on top of the two Bush nominees to that court.

Now you want the Republicans to put one of your liberal nominations in for two of Bush's. This is insane. The constitution give the President the power to appoint federal judges. End of story. I certainly don't recall Carter or Clinton asking the Republicans to pick federal judges, or give a two-for-one sale on the constitution. The Senate Republicans need to "pull the trigger" and end the unconstitutional filibuster blocking Bush's nominations. If the Damn-icrats want compromise, they need to get out of the way and begin working with the other side of the isle.