Friday, April 01, 2005

I Don't Like Michael Schiavo

That is an understatement. I first heard of the whole Terri Schiavo mess a few years ago. I used her case as an example in several of my classes when discussing persistent vegetative states. I didn't take one side or the other in terms of killing her, but used her as a modern reference to the condition.

As the story became more of a national media event, naturally, I became more informed on the issue. I have some doubts that she really was in a PVS as I studied it in college. Maybe she was, maybe not. We will never know at this point. However, as the hyperbole on both sides increased, I tried to keep an open mind in regards to Michael Schiavo's motives. In the last weeks of Terri's life, many accusations have been made against Mr. Schiavo. And as I said, I wanted to believed that most, if not all, but just angry people saying angry things.

Schiavo's behavior in the last hours of his "wife's" life, have changed that. For what reason would he release a video of Terri in her last hours, after fobiding reporters access to her for fifteen years? For what reason would you have Terri's brother and sister forcibly removed from her room just prior to her death? For what reason would you forbid her parents from joining her bedside as she died? For what reason would you deny the family the closure of a funeral? For what reason would you move the body to Pennsylvania, when you and her family live in Florida? For what reason other than he is an arrogant, self-absorbed, jerk.