Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Out of the Frying Pan (Update on the Minutemen Project)

Well, the minutemen, who I mentioned in this previous post, have finally caught the government's eye. The government of Mexico, not the U.S., however. Mexican President Vincente Fox has ordered the Mexican Army on to stand-by and actually ordered 1,000 troops on to the border.

"The Mexican military is on stand-by," reports NBC's Tucson affiliate KVOA. "One unit has about a thousand soldiers. They're located just across the border."

WTF is up with that!?!? So some civilians decide to keep people from crossing into the U.S. illegally and the Mexican military is put on alert? So, is it now the Mexican government's policy to order its citizens to the U.S.? Do they think it is a right to enter the U.S. illegally? What is the deal?

"We totally reject the idea of these migrant-hunting groups. We will use the law, international law and even U.S. law to make sure these types of groups, which are a minority, will not have any opportunity to progress."

These guys are on OUR SIDE of the border. They are OUR problem. Not an international problem, not a Mexican problem. As I stated, I don't think this is a good idea. But I think the idea of trying to intimidate our political system by posting your military on our border is unacceptable. Consider if you will, the security YOU, Mexico have lived in due to the good relationship you have with your neighbor to the North and the Monroe Doctrine, before you do something rash.