Friday, April 01, 2005

While We're On Ends...

That of the US, according to this guy, isn't going to be pretty, either.

Originally, I tried to link to this story as it appeared per the Jerusalem Post, but something's up with that site, so I linked to Jihad Watch. Hats off and so forth.

My inkling is that things have become so dicey for Islamic Jihad these days - following elections in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria's withdrawal from Lebanon - that many radical Muslims have basically started casting runes and reading entrails in hopes of finding a favorable sign, somewhere, anywhere.

This is about as much scientific research and analysis went into Palestinian scholar-lite Silwadi's report - that the US will end in 2007 as the result of an enormous tsunami. We won't be entirely wiped out, Silwadi cautions - that would have grave economic implications for the world - but we'll get soaked enough that we'll cease to be a superpower. He kind of reminds me of the guy who'd like to see his boss dead but still wants to get his paycheck each week.

This is fuzzy stuff we're talking here; Nostradamus is lucid by comparison. Because the Pharaoh is punished for his arrogance and pride, and because Silwadi thinks the US commits the same said sins, the US will be punished by Allah, too. He claims, as per Jihad Watch:

a careful reading and analysis of words appearing in the Opening and Yusuf suras show that the US will exist for only 231 years.

How did he reach that number? Silwadi said that by combing a number of suras hinting at US sins he reached the numbers 1776 (the year the US achieved independence) and 231. He added the two numbers and the result was 2007, the year when the US is expected to disappear....

In an attempt to find a reference to this metaphor in the Koran, Silwadi said he counted 1776 verses from the beginning of the Koran until he reached verse 26 of the Ibrahim Sura, which states: "And the parable of an evil word is as an evil tree pulled up from the earth's surface; it has no stability."

Pfft. Got prophecy? How about this - and this is true - I share the same first name, last name, same birthday (October 20th) as an African-American man I met online some years back. My conclusion? Coincidence. Silwadi's? A sign of some coming apocalypse after he totaled twice the month and date upon which we were both born, arriving at the mystical number SIXTY, which, as well know, follows that which is FIFTY-NINE and proceeds that which is SIXTY-ONE...

I've seen more logic expended on determining winning lottery tickets. And that's all this is, really: radical Islam's winning lotto ticket.