Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Yup, He's Still Dead

If you have been in the hills without a T.V., radio, Blackberry, cell phone, or other communication device, you might have missed that the Pope died Saturday. I can not even come close to stating the importance of (St. ?) John Paul (The Great?)'s contribution to the Roman Catholic faith or the world in general. But do we have to show is body on display 24/7 on the news? Its not like he is going to jump up and do a jig, or something. Yeah, I can understand showing the reaction of people around the world. I can understand spending a few minutes each night on the evening news talking about it. But all dead pope, all the time?

I may watch the Pope's funeral on Friday. I have to teach in the morning anyway, I may try to get up and watch it. How many Papal funerals am I bound to see? (Ok, so far two, but who's counting.) Maybe we should start the Pope channel. For those who want to watch the Pope's body 24/7 you can tune into channel 2460947560 on cable and 0213456712340956823975 without a converter.