Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Cracka Insurgent Declares Hickjad Against NewsSneak

Upon discovery that Newsweak had once again impugned upon the honor of his native country, this cracka went a-huntin' for evidence. Lo and behold, another blogger had already bagged his quarry, but you should still look this one over. Thanks, Gaijinbiker.

Nice. There's our flag, broken and in a trash can. Front cover. Big, bold, and shameless: "The Day America Died." And, as Gaijinbiker notes, this appeared on the cover of Newsweek's foreign editions, and not the one printed here in AMERICA THE DEAD, which instead cloaked itself in a sheep's wool of Oscar nominee innocuousness. But who cares anymore if anyone wins anything, including the fight against Islamofascism? This is the day AMERICA DIED. Right, Newsweek? Game over, dude.

What does it take to get through to Newsweek? The First Armored? A daisy-cutter? A hickjad by this lone blogging cracka insurgent? This is not journalism. This is political porn for the Hate America First crowd, pimped, primped, pumped and primed for the foreign public by the 'good' people at NewsSneak.

Makes me shake my head. What an arc for our nation's symbol of pride: Francis Scott Key writes a song about it, Marines plant it on the top of Mount Suribachi, Newsweek tosses it into the trash with the coffee grounds and their crumbling credibility.

UPDATE 5-25-05: Blogger keeps farking up the link by adding in "http://blogger.com/" before the url. Cut and paste the link into your browser to check it out till I can figure out how to fix it.