Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Don't Blame It On the Dog, Newsweek

Nice attempt at blame-shifting, Newsweek.

Apparently determined to smear the US and its fighting men in the interest of 'mainstream journalism,' Newsweek let fly with a stinker of a story and is now trying to blame (kinda-sorta-you know-subtly-but-not-too-subtly) the resultant bad smell on the dog. Or Abu Graib. Or Western Civilization in general.

But the fact remains that Newsweek rushed the story into print, did not double-check its sources, and was entirely too credulous in regards the claims of America's enemies. People died in the resultant (and tiresomely predictable) Muslim rioting. What other reprecussions may follow is anyone's guess, but I am willing to say this: Salman? Mr. Rushdie? Might be time to check back into the crawlspace again...

Newsweek likes its little arrows and pithy comments. Here's one for them, arrow pointed down: Newsweek stumbled, MSM credibility further crumbled.