Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Even the Animals Support Their Cause

Yeah, right. It seems that Allah isn't sending his chosen warriors enough warm bodies to carry bombs to spill innocent blood any more. The jihadists have had to resort to training fido to carry Allah's chosen instrument against the infidels.

Terrorists in Iraq are having such a hard time recruiting new suicide bombers that they're now using suicide-bomber dogs.

If it wasn't bad enough killing innocent people, the islamo-fascists are now murdering poor defenseless animals.

According to the Dakuk police chief, Colonel Mohammed Barzaji, the insurgents wrapped an explosive belt around the dog's body and detonated it as the convoy passed through the town, which is located south of Kirkuk.

"The dog was torn apart by the explosion which caused neither injury among the soldiers nor any damage," Barzaji told the Australian, adding that the bomb had been detonated outside a Shiite mosque.

I thought the muslim people were so behind these blood thirsty lunatics that they were willing to through their life way to kill the infidels? What happened? The "Uncle Usama wants you to strap explosives to your ass." posters aren't working anymore? Or has NewsSneak's koran flushing article so inflamed the passions of domesticated animals, that they must join the jihad?

What's next? Can we expect a group of super models to strip nekkid in Baghdad to protest the jihadists using animals as suicide bombers? Is PETA going to sic their terrorists on the islamic terrorists?

Its not time to Usama and Zarkowi and the rest of the Al Quieda leadership to put up or shut up. Strap a bomb to your ass and die for Allah, if you are that passionate about it.