Monday, May 23, 2005

Pedophile into Celebrity

At a time when Michael Jackson faces child molestation charges, the current media darling is a pedophile. If you have bothered to turn on the T.V. in the last few days, you know by now that Marry Kay Letorneau married her child victim. You know, for a long time I "po-po'ed" my parents lamenting at how our society was circling the toilet bowl. Now, however, I find myself increasingly astounded at how blazee we have become to such things.

Yes, grampa would drop over, stone dead after seeing the latest "Old Navy" commercial. Sure, ma, we are all headed to hell in a hand cart, whatever that is. But now, the media has turned a woman who molested a 13 year old boy into a celebrity. ET has their cameras right there as convicted sex-offender gets married. But they have the cameras there as Michael shows up at court too. What is the deal? Why is Marry Kay celebrated as a hero, while Jackson is vilified? If it hadbeen Mark Letorneau having sex with a 13 year old (girl or boy, you pick), would ET have been there to interview him when get got out of prison? Or would they have been there to crucify him? The powers that be in the media need to make a decision. Are they going to pull the handle and speed our way down the toilet, or are they going to try to get us out of the bowl.